Is the US Military Training Mujahadeen Alongside Training “Royal Saudi Land Forces?”

the real Syrian Free Press

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Is the military of the United States training Mujahadeen (Free Syrian Army, Al-Farouk, Al-Farouq, ISIS or whatever name or brigade these groups who secretly fight together), militia while training Saudi Royal Forces or “Saudi Land Forces” under “Operation Freedom Forces” or “Ironhawk Three?”

Or are they training Mujahadeen along side the Saudi Land Forces?

Is the Royal Saudi Land Force actually another name for these militias to legitimize these operations? 

Click any image to enlarge it for a better view.

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 “@Nasir1409” (whose account is no longer functioning), tweeted pictures from Saudi of US military training troops posing as Mujahadeen. Who are these fighters, and where do they end up are the bigger questions. Syria and Iraq seem to be the answer.

Could this explain why US Arizona Senator John McCain is so sure of who these “moderate rebels” are and where US weapons are heading? I think the answer is yes.

McCain knows his troops are training…

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