Flashback to 2003: “Major combat in Iraq is over, U.S. warns rogue Syria”

the real Syrian Free Press

Living in an age of dis-information, not many people do remember the deadly serious Anglo-American threats of war against Syria on the 26th day of the “shock and awe” genocide in Iraq.

Propaganda alert compiled by Cem Ertür(16 April 2014)


the-guardian-15-april-2003The Guardian, 14 April 2003


chicago-tribune-15-april-2003Chicago Tribune, 15 April 2003


le-figaro-15-april-2003Le Figaro, 15 April 2003

After Iraq, is it Syria’s turn?

While the GIs [i.e. U.S. troops] take control of most of the Iraqi territory, Washington suspects Damascus’ duplicity

la-stampa-15-april-2003La Stampa, 15 April 2003

Bush: “Syria is a terrorist state”

The White House threatens sanctions, Damascus replies: We do not have chemical weapons. The city of Saddam has fallen too.

liberation-15-april-2003Libération, 15 April 2003

Threats against Damascus

Strengthened by their military success in Iraq, the Americans put pressure on Syria, which is accused of having helped Baghdad, and evoke sanctions.

el-pais-15-april-2003El Pais, 15 April…

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