sweet irony ~ 22 March,1945: Arab League formed

Piazza della Carina

The Arab states got together to create the Arab League, which finally came into being in March 1945.  It is now accepted that the idea for the League originated in the Colonial Office in London and represented an attempt by Britain to maintain its monopoly on power in the Middle East.  The League was set up as a body to promote cooperation among Arabs in lieu of the total unity or confederation advocated by some Arab leaders.  At the time, the Arab public did not know of the British involvement and assumed that the League was the first direction of total Arab unity or at least unity of purpose.   Said K. Aburish ~  “Nasser: The Last Arab “


Official Story ~ This Day in History

Representatives from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Yemen meet in Cairo to establish the Arab League, a regional organization of Arab…

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