Investigation implicates Turkey’s Intelligence Service MIT in Arms Trade with ISIS

Masum Gök (AD) : An alleged telephone conversation tape proving that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization MIT is involved in arms trading emerged from the case file about ISIL, a.k.a ISIS or Islamic State’s attack in central Anatolian province Niğde.

According to the court file regarding the two suspects of ISIL’s terrorist action in Niğde, Ayhan Orli and Kassuma code named terrorist Muzaffer Yılmaz had a phone conversation about arms trading.

ISIL_ISIS_IRAQ_ISIL Convoy_LDAccording to the tape obtained by Turkish Gendarmarie forces, Arms dealer Ayhan Orli said “Brother, the goods are not in their hands. Intelligence (MIT) is keeping the goods,”adding that the Grad rockets are in Mersin province.

Here’s the full text of the alleged telephone conversation between Ayhan Orli and Muzaffer Yılmaz (Kassuma) in 29 July 2014:

Muzaffer Yılmaz (Kassuma): Let’s say you have 300 grads (rocket) ok?

Ayhan Orli: Yes.

Kassuma: Let’s say there are 300 grads. Can someone from our side see them? Not from the other side. Either me or Abu Ala or you.

Orli: Brother, they don’t have the goods. The intelligence (MIT) is keeping them. They don’t let them to be transferred. They (Agents) just prepare the goods and say take it from the border gate.

Kassuma: Ok. What did Abu Ala said to you?

Orli: Abu Ala said alright. He wants the money in cash.

Kassuma: When we gonna pay the money?

Orli: Today.

Kassuma: I did not understand…

Orli: Half of the grads are in Mersin. If you don’t pay they will not let them to be transferred. If you don’t show the draft, they will not bring the goods.

Who is Ayhan Orli?

The figures such as Ayhan Orli and Heysem Topalca who have a strong contact with terrorist groups in Syria, turned the civil war into a highly beneficial business. Ayhan Orli who lives in Yayladağı district of Hatay is a Syrian Turkmen.

Orli moved to Syria to join the AKP backed terrorist groups after the beginning of civil war. His brother Adil Orli is one of the leaders of the Turkmen Batallion fighting against Syrian regime.

One of the prisoners staying in a Syrian prison said in an interview that Ayhan Orli is cooperating with Turkish intelligence and there is an intense deal between them.

Ayhan Orli receives million dollar worth commissions from the weapons provided to terrorist groups in Syria. He not only cooperates with intelligence organizations but also a number of international mafia organizations.

Masum Gök, Aydinlik Daily  -Edt. nsnbc F/AK

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