Aircrafts of the USA-led Coalition ‘against Daesh’ bombed a maternity hospital located in Al Bukamal, Deir Ezzor: dozens of children killed ~ [report]

the real Syrian Free Press


US-ledcoalition aircraftsbombed achildren’s hospitalon the pretext thatitwasthe headquartersofDaesh.

Dozens of childrenwho were at that momentin the hospitalhave been killed.

According tolocal news agencies, the air operationsof the international coalitionin Iraqand Syriahave targeteda neonatal hospitalin the villageof al-Boukamal, in the governorate ofDeirEzzor, East Syria.

Activists of the so called ‘Syrian opposition’, always ready to fuel the Zionist-American propaganda of war against Syria and its people, to cover up the crime committed by their backers were quick to declare that the bombing against the hospital was carried out by the Syrian Army on the orders of President al-Assad. Dozens of witnesses and photos show, however, the opposite.

Moreover, government forces are advancing and getting huge success throughout many areas of the country, also in…

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