Syrian armed forces shot down a U.S. drone in north of Lattakia province, near a stronghold of President al-Assad

the real Syrian Free Press


Damascus, 17/3/2015 ~ Reports received from the Syrian military commands said that theSyrian armedforceshaveshot down a UAV, a drone aircraft, in the northern province of Lattakia. Investigationsare underway.


The drone has been shot down by Syria’s military over the coastal province of Latakia near a stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad.




The class and type of the aircraft was not 100% identified yet.It is possible that it belongs to the USA, French or Zionist military intelligence. In the coming hours we will know those who was maneuvering it. The authorities are carrying out investigations to exactly verify the side which had in power the drone, and what the target of its mission.


Anyway, the U.S. military has confirmed that communication with an unarmed predator drone over northwest Syria was lost on Tuesday and that it is investigating claims…

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