FAKES: ‘Human Rights Watch’ Accuses Syria of “Barrel Bomb” Damage…Created by U.S. Attacks ~ [photo evidence]

the real Syrian Free Press


Human Rights Watch Accuses Syria Of “Barrel Bomb” Damage…Created By U.S. Attacks

By Moon of Alabama

Human Rights Watch has been part of a sectarian anti-Syrian propaganda campaign. It is hyping the “barrel bombs”, allegedly used by the Syrian government, as inhumane weapons. I have yet to see Human Rights Watch equally damning the indiscriminate use against civilians of improvised rockets by the Jihadist “moderate rebels”.

Human Rights Watch send out this tweet:


According to HRW the picture of the destroyed town is somehow related to Syrian “barrel bombs”. That is not the case.

The picture was published in the New York Times on February 13, 2015.


The NYT caption says: “The predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani is devastated after months under siege by Islamist forces and airstrikes by a United States-led coalition
The picture’s credentials are “Bulent Kilic/Agence France-Presse – Getty Images”.

Massive U.S. bomb attacks…

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