Israel, a Terroristic Entity: New photo/video report, confirmed by the UN, show Tel Aviv providing support to terrorist gangs

the real Syrian Free Press

Press TV has obtained photos showing al-Qaeda-linked militants next to Israeli soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights. The images shows Israeli soldiers speaking face-to-face with terrorist gangs militants in Golan.

New photos from the Golan Heights further prove Tel Aviv’s support for al-Qaeda-linked militants, especially al-Nusra Front, that have been wreaking havoc in Syria.

The photos obtained by Press TV show Takfiri militants from the terrorist al-Nusra Front next to Israeli soldiers.

Israeli soldiers speaking with foreign-backed terrorists in Golan

Israel is known to have been providing medical, intelligence and military support for militants fighting to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

A number of militant commanders wounded in government attacks on terrorist have reportedly been hospitalized in the occupied territories.



Late last year, a U.N. report confirmed contact between foreign mercenaries operating in Syria and the Israeli occupation army across the ‘Golan…

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