Iraq: Hezbollah Iraqi popular forces shot down US military plane and helicopters carrying weapons/ammunition for Daesh

the real Syrian Free Press


Iraq: Hezbollah and Iraqi popular forces shot down a US military plane

From the original in French, IRIB, 27 février 2015:Irak: le Hezbollah abat un avion US

According toIraqi militarysources, a plane carryingweapons andammunition forDaeshwas shot deadin westernAl Anbar.

According to the websiteAl-Messriyoun’, the Iraqi popular forces andHezbollahin Iraq,Badr-army,shot down anAmerican planecarryingarmstoDaeshin the westof the region ofAl-Baghdadi”.

The planewas droppingboxes fullof weapons forDaesh-ISIS mercenaries, as well as food.

Hezbollah forces in Iraqwarnedlast weekagainst allaid deliveredtoterrorist gangs,wherever it comes from.

Thecoalition aircraftcast offregularly, weapons,convoysand ammunitionto terrorists, andbomb local mobilizedforces who are fightingDaesh.

le Hebollah frappe un hélicoptère US

Iraq:Hezbollah hits…

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