Pygmy King ‘Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan caught smuggling weapons to terrorists in Syria

Southern Front (Al-Quneitra): Al-Nusra Front militants caught smuggling weapons from Jordan ~ BY LEITH FADEL ON FEBRUARY 27, 2015


The Al-Quneitra front might be the most violent of the three, as this province has been immersed in an immense amount of bloodshed over the course of 48 hours.

On the Jordanian border, a Jabhat Al-Nusra contingent was caught by the SAA border security attempting to sneak weapons into Syria at the town of Simaj.

Upon discovery, a firefight broke-out between the Syrian border guards and the militants of Jabhat Al-Nusra that resulted in the death of 6 enemy combatants and the confiscation of all weapons and ammunition.

At Qasr Al-Beitaar Farms, the 9th Division confronted a group of armed militants making their way to the Dara’a Governorate from this road; however, they were unable to bypass the 9th Division and as a result, they were forced to withdraw.

The fiercest firefights were reported at the town of Al-Hamidiyah between Hezbollah and Jabhat Al-Nusra, as they both traded blows near the town cemetery – there was no confirmation on the total number of casualties, but a source in Al-Quneitra stated that dozens of enemy combatants were killed.

Jabhat Al-Nusra targeted the entrenched 9th Division soldiers at Mazra’a Al- Fazlaan, attempting to retake the eastern portion of this farm area in east Al-Quneitra – they were repelled after the Syrian Arab Air Force intervened.

Other clashes were reported in the Al-Quneitra Governorate at the villages of Tal Al-Dhahour south of Jabata Al-Khashab, Al-Samdaniyah, ‘Umm Batna, and Mosahra.

Master of Medacity and the Prince of Profligacy, His Highness, Pygmy King ‘Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Wild applause)

When one of your air force pilots is brutally burned to death by savages you helped to train and foster, it’s hard to keep a straight face when consoling the family of the poor aviator. But, that is exactly what this Lilliputian monarch is all about. He was even seen with the pilot’s father, managing to produce a tear of anguish as he bussed the old man in the traditional Arab manner on both grizzled cheeks. Most touching. Some witnesses swore they could detect a subtle snicker as the king moved away from the grieving parent.

From the day the unrest in Der’ah started, ‘Abdullah II was training agents provocateurs on Jordanian soil with the assistance of Robert Ford whose own plan to rock Syria was already in full blossom. This king, a toad-like blunt instrument of the same Western World and World Zionism which insure his longevity on the throne of a country so ineptly cobbled together by the British as a consolation prize to the cuckolded Hashemites that it reeks of Chad, Somalia or Mali, makes no secret of the fact he is ready to hire on as a chamberlain for any visiting English fusspot. He chastises the Zionists for anti-Islamic acts in Jerusalem, but, arrests anyone who actually goes out into the street to enunciate exactly the same grievance. He smiles benignly at the cameras, while – all the while – the screams of detainees at the General Security HQ outside Amman infuse the air with hair-raising horror, no different than those same sounds his father enjoyed so much during the days of Muhammad Rasool Kaylaani.

He has instructed his representatives to deny any role for Jordan in assisting the terrorists. In doing this, he has entrapped his own ministers in a web-work of deceit so convoluted it smacks of an Ealing Comedy. How many times have we delighted in seeing and listening to Jordanian politicians speak into the camera to say that “Jordan is neutral” or “Jordan will not play a role in the crisis in Syria”. But the best is: “Jordan cherishes the brotherly relations between our two countries”. It’s camp at its best. Tasteless, yet, pungent with the aroma of sewer humor. Some of us have suffered left inguinal hernias as we laughed ourselves silly listening to these Jordanians denying any relationship to the terrorists who are murdering innocent Syrians on a daily basis with so many coming in from Al-Mafraq, Al-Ramtha or Al-Zarqaa`.

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