Turkey’s transgression into Syrian territory proves its connection with ISIS, Foreign Ministry says

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Damascus, SANA – Turkey transgressed into the Syrian territory and relocated the tomb of Suleyman Shah from the northeastern Raqqa province where it exists in a “suspicious” act that reveals the Turkish government’s close connection with terrorist organizations operating in the area.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement to SANA Sunday that Turkey did not await the Syrian consent to move the tomb after the Turkish Foreign Ministry informed Syria’s consulate in Istanbul of its intent to carry out the relocation on the eve of the transgression act.

Turkey did carry out the move without Syria’s consent contrary to procedures usually followed according to the 1921 agreement signed between Turkey and the French occupation authorities back then.

The Foreign Ministry source described the Turkish move, which took place at dawn Sunday, as no less that an act of aggression against Syria, dismissing it as “suspicious” inasmuch as it unmasks the reality of the Turkish intentions and Turkey’s relationship with the terrorist organizations of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“Turkey went far beyond providing all forms of support to its tools of the gangs of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations to carry out a blatant aggression on the Syrian territory,” the source said in the statement.

The suspicion lies in the fact that this reputed tomb has been all along spared the acts of ISIS, which, on the other hand, has been destroying mosques, churches and tombs in various areas across Syria, according to the statement.

This “confirms the deep connection between the Turkish government and this terrorist organization,” the source added.

It concluded the statement by saying that the Turkish authorities, by breaching the aforementioned agreement, will be responsible for any possible repercussions of this aggression.

Haifa Said


5 thoughts on “Turkey’s transgression into Syrian territory proves its connection with ISIS, Foreign Ministry says

  1. I’ve updated my own post about this intrusion also with this statement. There are reports about increasing boldness of Turkish troops by supporting the Islamic terrorists in Latakia, including artillery support. One should collect all this and present it in one piece,

    Turkish creeping invasion from the north, Israeli airstrikes and artillery attacks in the south on the Golan heights. US and Gulf state airplanes fly across eastern Syria at will. What can the Syrian government do against this persistent infringement of Syrian sovereignty?

    This is a dangerous development because it means that Syria has increasingly become “fair game” and international law doesn’t apply anymore.

    The goal is to create the impression that Syria has become a failed state and that the international community has to step in at one point to protect the population and deny terrorist groups a safe haven.

    Another interesting aspect: The Turks obviously have no qualms to cooperate with the Kurdish authorities if only the authority of the Syrian state is weakened. Enver Muslim should be ashamed, though he probably didn’t have much choice than to let the Turkish troops pass unhindered through the YPG area.

    One has to watch out nevertheless how the Kurdish representatives comment this Turkish invasion.

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