Turkey gets a foot into the Syrian door

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The Turkish Army launched a military incursion into Syria late Saturday, February 21, to evacuate the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, which allegedly has been besieged by IS (Islamic State) terrorists since last year.

A Turkish lawmaker said on his Twitter account that Turkish military had entered into Syria and arrived at the Suleyman Shah tomb early Sunday. “TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) entered in Saygi Station. Our station is taken under protection. Clashes or attacks out of question,” wrote Sinan Ogan, a deputy of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party.

The initial reports about this military operation in the online editions of the Turkish newspapers Milliyet and Yeni Safak were pulled from the internet almost immediately after being posted, but Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu confirmed now the successful conclusion of the operation.

Suleyman Shah 1

A large convoy of 39 tanks and other heavy weaponry with 572 military personnel including special forces commandos…

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