Propaganda, Defamation, Lies and Malice by Jonathan Tepperman (American magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’) a few days after the interview to President Bashar al-Assad

the real Syrian Free Press


Remember the excellent interview recently released by H.E. President Bashar al-Assad to Jonathan Tepperman (American magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’)?

We have publishedthe full interviewon26.01.2015at the following link:

Jonathan Tepperman, few days after the the interview wrote an article of propaganda and defamation, chock full of lies and malice.

Below are some of the insults Jonathan Tepperman (‘Foreign Affairs’) wrote  at the end of his delirious article, full of poisonous and hateful propaganda of war, so that seems written or suggested by the American ‘Israel lobby’, maybe good for Bibi Netanyahu and his electoral ads, but not honorable andworthy of areal journalist:

But behind the cheery aphorisms and the barely-there mustache is a man so unyielding and deeply deceptive — or delusional — that it’s impossible to imagine him ever negotiating an equitable end to Syria’s civil war.

Assad made that clear in several ways…

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