The Yemenite Children ~ Early Crimes of the Zionists Against Jews

Dogma and Geopolitics

Early Crimes of the Zionists Against Jews
The Story of the Yemenite Jewish Community 1948-1952
excerpt from Genocide in the Holy Land by Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld

From 1948 to 1952 more than 50,000 Yemenite Jews were fooled by the Zionist Jewish Agency into abandoning their ancient home and way of life and instead moving to the Zionist State, where they were summarily uprooted from their dedication to Judaism. Indeed, a boy testified later to the religious Peiylim organization that he was taken to an orchard during the Sabbath on an orange-picking trip. When he protested that this violated the Sabbath, he was told: “Only in Yemen is there a Sabbath; here, in Israel there is no Sabbath.” A former teacher at the Ein Shemer immigrant camp testified that at a meeting of teachers a camp official announced that the side curls of all the boys were to be cut…

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