The ungrateful "son" of Hamas would be the next Nato Mufiti

Displaced Palestinians

I don’t mean the other son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, working now on a movie about the prophet Muhammad, because “is the time to expose the real nature of Islam, as a religion of war.

I mean the traitor who stabed Syria in the back,and declared Edrogan, the Nato slave a leaderof 1.5 billion Muslim.

As an ex-supporter of Hamas, I wonder if the Mossad attempt to kill Mishaal was a deception operation designed to polish and prepare him for what he did the last two years, and will do on the comming future.

The day they tried to kill him was the day Mishal the leader was born,’
a Jordanian journalist told McGeough.
‘The man who died that day was Abu Marzook.
Nobody wanted to talk to moderateAbu Marzook (Known asMR. CIA)

after that – it was Mishal, Mishal, Mishal.’


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