America’s Altered State of Consciousness by Dmitriy Sedov


Psychiatry defines the altered state of consciousness or mind alteration as a mental state which significantly deviates from the normal waking beta wave state of consciousness. Reading attentively the US President Obama’s State of the Union address the question pops up if the President really sees the world as he describes it in his speeches or is it kind of Walt Disney’s animated cartoons-style fantasies specially prepared for US internal consumption? Americans are accustomed to consume such products. Numerous Hollywood-produced Rambos, movie-made high-minded presidents and daring private Ryans regularly save the world from some kind of plague. It’s been a long time since they have used information hypnosis to make Americans believe that their country is «the best of the best» and an American is the acme of human evolution.

There are many closed societies in the West with powerful arsenals of means to control collective consciousness. They use this potential in their interests. From this point of view the presidential annual State of the Union address is a routine act of brainwashing to make American caravan go on while the dogs (or the ill-wishers inside and outside the country) bark.

What if someone tries to imagine a different type of President’s behavior using the scientific approach to altered consciousness? For instance, if a US President starts his State of the Union address with the words, «I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I have lied to you for such a long time. I have always wished you well, but some people in our country made me spend your money to expand the US military presence in far-away countries. These people made our forces go to Afghanistan. We have spent 13 years to make it a democratic state. Now, when we have left, the Taliban will take over the reign and install its dictatorship there. We have sacrificed the lives of our soldiers and lost huge sums of money to make Muslims hate us. And that is the only result. It led to emergence of international armies of terrorists that threaten to establish their control over entire states and we have to start new wars to fight them. You’d better be ready to send your sons to Iraq once again and make it soon. It’s possible we’ll lose again because bullets are powerless against Islam. Perhaps we should stop provoking Muslims and foster terrorism no more. But we cannot do it because as soon as wars stop our defense industry stops too, our generals will lose jobs and our science will hopelessly drop behind. The people who have sanctioned my election want to continue the policy aimed at establishing the US control over the world. This policy confirms American exceptionalism and is key to our prosperity. We have no choice.

We forbid the Ukrainian government from launching talks with the opponents in the east because our plans will be stymied in case Ukraine becomes a federation with Russian language prevailing. In this case Ukraine will not accept US military presence. That’s why we’ll press the Ukrainian government to make it fight till the last Russian. We’ll continue to insist that Russia attacked Ukraine. It’s hard for me to say so but it’s the only way to make the world support the United States. The real state of things is quite different but we’ll do our best not to let the world know about it. We’ll win the information war for America’s future! We’ll constantly combine military activities with diplomatic efforts, but our diplomacy is the big stick diplomacy. Europe needs such a stick to make it keep in place the anti-Russia sanctions. We’ll make other allies dance to our tune. True, the European allies don’t like us anymore but better make Europe suffer than undermine the America’s might.

Dear Americans! The truth is that today America has become like the Roman Empire in the period of decline. We use the resources of our overseas provinces to the full and we’ll continue to exploit them to the utmost but the sentiments of protest against us are growing stronger in these territories. We give the world freedom and democracy but it does not want to listen to us. So, I repeat, we will have to use force more frequently. We cannot be irresolute. If we start to doubt the America’s exceptionalism and begin to hesitate then the balance of forces in the world will change not in our favor. So I say it in no uncertain terms concerning our foreign policy: we’ll continue to conduct clandestine operations and use power, deception and insidiousness. It is the only way to protect the gains of American people and not let the United States vanish from the world map like the Roman Empire did».

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