50 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria: Report

Attacks in Syria by the US-led coalition have killed more than 860 people, including at least 50 civilians.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Wednesday that at least 50 civilians, including eight children and five women, were killed by US-led coalition airstrikes since mid-September.

The UK-based group added that 746 ISIL militants and 68 al-Nusra Front terrorists had also been killed.

This comes as the US-led coalition carried out three fresh airstrikes against ISIL positions near the Syrian city of Kobani on Tuesday, killing a number of militants.

Meanwhile, top local officials in Syria said on the same day that Kurdish forces were advancing street by street in the southern areas of Kobani, which is close to the Syrian border with Turkey.

They said the ISIL terrorists would soon be pushed out of Kobani.

The UK-based SOHR said, “The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) recaptured streets and buildings in the south of Kobani after a fierce battle against ISIS (ISIL) that began yesterday [Monday] evening.”

A recent report by the SOHR says more than 1,000 people have lost their lives since the ISIL militants entered the border city.

The ISIL militants have committed terrible atrocities in Syria and Iraq, including mass executions and the beheading of local residents as well as foreign nationals.

The US and its allies started their air campaign in Syria in September under pretext of targeting ISIL militants. However, they have also hit Syrian infrastructure including oil and gas facilities and attacked the provinces where ISIL militants are not active.

The US and its allies have been staunch supporters of the al-Qaeda-linked militants fighting the Syrian government.

Source-Press TV



One thought on “50 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria: Report

  1. Thanks for reporting this. I am wondering though if these are the real civilian casualty figures, after all, one would expect a 97% civilian casualty rate, which is ‘normal’ in war today, especially when we know that Syrian civilians are the real target, and not ISIL.

    I would also doubt the casualty figures of ISIL, as surely, Israel and the US would not wish to kill their own mercenaries.

    There is the possibility that the crypto-Jewish Mossad agent commander of ISIL just sent in Muslim dupes to be eliminated, just to make things look good, so that people will think that the US is really attacking ISIL, when of course, if they really did such a thing, their mercenaries would soon stop working for them, and the object of seizing more territory for Eretz Israel would then itself be defeated. Also, with real Muslims out of the way, ISIL mercenary thugs can do their dirty work for Eretz Israel unhindered by the presence of real Muslims who might eventually grow suspicious of the real ultimate aims of ISIL.

    I think naive young genuine Muslims have possibly been used as sacrificial pawns here, whilst the Jewish-paid mercenaries stayed back and watched them be killed (all religious factions of Islam call each other non-Muslims when killing each other in any case, in all their internecine wars, as of course, to kill another Muslim is forbidden in Islam, so the intended dead have to be redesignated as non-Muslim, or Takfiri/apostates, very conveniently), unless the figures provided are themselves intentionally false, or inaccurate.

    Personally, I think that just as ISIL has been purposely created to work to expand the JWO territories, that Islam itself is also entirely a Trojan Horse fake religion, right from the very beginning, itself created by Jewish agents just as Christianity was also created in the very beginning by Jewish agents, as another Trojan Horse religion. That way, Gentiles turned into Muslims can be made to kill each other for the Jews, saving the Jews the job of killing them, and we do see an endless stream of internecine wars between Muslim states and groups that accomplish only one thing, and that is the complete opposite of the ostensible aims and accomplishments of Mohammed, who is said, by having created Islam, to have greatly reduced the incidence of internecine wars between the great many Arab tribes.

    Just as the convoluted politics contained in the book 1984 by George Orwell reveal, we can see the very opposite of the stated accomplishments of Islam actually being the true reality, with the Muslim religion, very conveniently for the Jews, providing excuses and instructions for the killing of Takfiri apostates and so on, and what better could the Jews hope to accomplish than by getting the other tribes to kill each other, to free up their land for the Jews. It is happening after all.

    I look forward to the day, when all Abrahamic religions will be abandoned due to their criminal terrorist savagery, that threatens to send all others to hell for all eternity, as such demonic cults are indeed nothing whatsoever to do with the real God, who condemns not even a single soul for all eternity, then all former adherents of the Abrahamic beliefs can achieve their true spiritual potential, as is fully intended by the true God.

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