Clintons Pictured With Islamic State Supporters & US Created “Moderate Rebels” Misuse of Funds

the real Syrian Free Press

The United States in bed with Islamic State Supporters


If you think the United States Government (be it Republicans or Democrats), doesnt have its hands deep in the creation of ISIS (Islamic State in Syria), then you have failed to do the research into the TRUTH that you should have.

Former United States President William (Bill) Clinton is shown in the picture above with the American Arab Zaher Badaraany, the man who claims to be President of the Syrian Future Movement. (Located in Turkey). The US claims to be fighting ISIS but in fact, top officials in the US government are knee deep, as you can see. Senator McCains photo ops have been much more publicized.


American Arab Zaher Badaraany participating in an anti-Assad rally in Miami Beach Florida in March. 


Mahir isa Lazkani aka Maher Issa Abu Jalal also works with the Americans. August 2013, he was involved in staging…

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