Tiger Forces Commander Enters Morek; SAA Continues Offensive in Southern Aleppo


Colonel Soheil Al-Hassan of the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” entered the recently captured village of Morek in the Hama Governorate, as jubilant soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army’s 11th Tank Division and the National Defense Forces (NDF) greeted him with a warm welcome. Col. Al-Hassan delivered an uplifting speech to soldiers who participated in the battle, commending them on their gallantry on the battlefield. He would later inspect the multitude of bullet-ridden, dilapidated buildings that contained a wide variety of weapons and ammunition.

A female NDF fighter poses for a picture. Leith Fadel | Al-Masdar News

In southern Aleppo, the SAA continued its offensive in southern Aleppo, targeting the villages of Yadouda and Al-‘Amariyya. The SAA carried out multiple operations on the outskirts of Al-‘Amariyya Farms (Mazraa Al-‘Amariyya) near Sheikh Sa’eed, killing scores of militants from the Islamic Front. Meanwhile, at the village of Yadouda, the SAA and NDF destroyed an IF hideout, killing a dozen militants and confiscating heavy weaponry inside.

Earlier today, 2 Islamic Front leaders were killed near the Handarat District of Aleppo, after the SAA bombarded IF positions from the east. The leader of the Ansar Al-Sunnah Battalion (Islamic Front militia), Ahmad Khalid Al-Sirraj, was killed by the SAA during a fierce firefight; while, Liwaa ‘Ahrar Al-Souriya (Liberation of Syria Brigades) leader, Saleh Satouf, was believed to have perished when artillery shells struck his contingent.

North of the Hanano District, the Syrian Air Force conducted multiple airstrikes on an Islamic Front convoy that was believed to have derived from Gaziantep, Turkey. According to a military source, at least 6 airstrikes were launched, destroying all the 4 vehicles in the convoy.



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