Mikdad :Syria’s territories can’t be desecrated by anyone, US-Zionist strategy aims to prolong war against Syria


Beirut, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad stressed that Syria has never been an easy prey throughout history and its territories can’t be desecrated by anyone, adding that this fact is reflected through the victories notched up by the Syrian Arab army.

In an article published Saturday by Lebanese al-Binaa Newspaper under the title “Wrong Bet…Catastrophic Results”, Mikdad said “The Syrian people and leadership have not been waiting for the lecture of the US Vice President Joe Biden at Harvard University to know the role played by Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others in financing, arming and sheltering the terrorist groups.”

Mikdad wondered how those Arab countries and Turkey, which have supported terrorism, demand apologies from the US while they must apologize to Syria in the first place, and to the honest international community which is not involved in supporting terrorism in the second place.

He indicated that the Western coalition, led by the US, acts in a “contradicted way” at the international arena as it rejects the democratic principle which is related to the equality in the sovereignty among the countries stipulated by the UN Charter through taking decisions on behalf of all the countries whether they are good or bad.

Mikdad added that Turkey is nowadays talking about imposing a buffer zone in Syria and Iraq in cooperation with other countries such as France, stressing that there will be a huge price for this move on the regional and international levels.

He pointed out that the Turks and their French allies will face a great resistance by all the spectrums of the Syrian people who will defend their national identity and face the contradiction between the Arab-Western alliance on one hand and the real intentions of Turkey on the other hand.

Mikdad added that the stances of some UN Security Council’s permanent member states play a key role in preventing such adventures through rejecting the interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

He criticized the Saudi regime which continues to be subordinated to the West and the US in a way that harms the Arab interests .

Mikdad asserted that the US-Zionist strategy has been exposed as it basically works on prolonging the war against Syria with the aim of undermining it in the interest of the Zionist entity which is the sole beneficiary of the continuation of the killing machine in Syria.

Deputy Foreign Minister reiterated that the victory achieved by Syria due to the awareness of its people and wisdom of its leadership is embodied through the great Syrian army which represents the biggest danger on the Israeli projects and their supporters, therefore, it has always been the target of the enemies who want to undermine Syria.

He added that the current situation stresses that whoever doesn’t stand with Syria is a supporter of the Islamic State “ISIS” terrorist organization and there is no third choice.




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