Children in Homs prayed for the kids killed at the Ekrima al-Makhzomi school (33 victims)

the real Syrian Free Press


Children in Homs lit candles and prayed for the children killed at the Ekrima al-Makhzomi school (33 victims)


Saluting the Syrian National Flag


An archived picture of the student of Ekrima al-Makhzomi school that the Western aided and financed “moderated rebels” blew up on Wednesday 1st of October.


The funeral ceremony.

Amid deep sorrow, victims of Homs twin blasts laid to rest ~ A funeral ceremony was held for the 33 victims of Homs terrorist bombings on Thursday amid wide popular and official participation and an atmosphere of deep sorrow.

Families of the victims, who died in twin terrorist attacks that targeted a school compound in the central province of Homs on Wednesday, expressed anger at the unspeakable crime committed against innocent children in a bid of promoters of dark mentality to dissuade generations from pursuing education.


Homs, Syria: Obama’s moderate terrorists killed 18 civilians, mostly children…

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