The painful loss of an illusion

Mato's Blog

Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich

We loved America. I remember, we did. When we were teens, growing up in the early 90s; most of my friends the same age did not even question their attitude toward Western civilization. It was great, how could it be otherwise?

Unlike our grandfathers and even fathers, we did not mind that the USSR was falling apart, we did not view it as a disaster, as the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.” For us it was the beginning of a long journey. Finally, we would break out beyond the Soviet shell into the big world — limitless and cool. Finally, we would overcome our sensory deprivation. We were born, maybe not in the right place, but certainly at the right time — or so we thought. It’s hard to believe now, but even the Orthodox Church coming out from under communist supervision was for us the…

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