Humphrey Cobb: Generals are reassured by the smell of the dead

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Humphrey Cobb: Hallucination of fantastic butchery; too much for one man to bear

Humphrey Cobb: War never settled anything except who was the strongest


Humphrey Cobb
From Paths of Glory (1935)

A fire began to burn, over in the German lines. The fire grew brighter and revealed its shape: the sun. Slowly it raised itself out of the earth, red and hostile-looking, but welcomed to the men who watched it. It swelled to enormous size, then paused in delicate contact with the rim of the world like a dancer waiting for the first notes of the ballet. For a moment the two edges were tangent and seemed to cling. Then the sun stepped off the edge of the earth and was instantly floating in its own space.

The bombardment began to die down…

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