Russians and Iranians are not playing games with Obama and his ISIS




My conversations with SyrPer sources evidence no fear of the American effort in Iraq.  I believe from my talks with people that there is a strong belief the Russians and Iranians are not playing games and view the Syrian situation as crucial to their foreign policies.  For Russia it’s the projection of Russia’s future power in the region.  For Iran, it’s the Fatimid Crescent that includes the Palestinian dimension and, of course, the Shi’is of Lebanon with their very powerful militia, Hizbollah.  We can’t forget access to the Mediterranean: for Russia it’s the Tartous harbor and for Iran it’s the gas pipeline that will end the existence of the Qatari pest.


Nusra and the PYG Kurdish militias (read: PKK) have suffered some setbacks as ISIS continues to exploit its very special relationship with Turkey.  I don’t know exactly how many villages straddling the Turk line ISIS has occupied as of yesterday, but it’s over 50 little hamlets.  They have perpetrated some massacres there – but, nobody cares when nation states, like Turkey, actually promote genocide under the cover of NATO membership.      

In the city itself, I have proof positive that thousands of Aleppans have returned to work.  The envelopment of the city coupled with the quiet withdrawal of rodents has contributed to a sense that this industrial capital will experience a resurgence despite Obama and his team of Zionist Nazi murderers.

Al-Raamoosa/Al-‘Aamiriyya Checkpoint:  Under the control of the SAA, rats continue to slink about and attack various SAA checkpoints.  Yesterday, Nusra took a big hit when it lost 19 of its prized hogs while giving up 12 as prisoners.  The only Syrians were these:

Shaaker ‘Askar

Muhammad Sharbatli

Qaassem ‘Ulabi

Saaseen Village:  SAA trumped a small pack of rats with the help of citizens.

Convoy Hell:  At the towns of Huraytaan, Qubtaan Al-Jabal and Al-Mansoora, the SAAF strafed and vaporized convoys originating in Turkey.  I don’t have more details, but, I am told over 30 vehicles were involved and that in Qubtaan Al-Jabal, the scene is one of fire and smoke with rat carcasses scorched beyond recognition.

Al-Aqwaas area in Dayr Haafer:  Heavy fighting. No details.

Syrian Army on the offensive here:  Maskana, Al-Sukkari Quarter, Bishqaateen, Al-Haadher, Al-Baakaat, Ba’eedeen Roundabout, Sayf Al-Dawla, Layramoon, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Kafr Hamraa, Maysar, Bani Zayd, Al-Ataareb, Balaat, Al-‘Uwayja, Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq, Khaan Toomaan.


جيش سوريا يستهدف مسلحين في القنيطرة ودرعا ودمشق


Ma’raba:  The SAA destroyed a major Nusra HQ and C&C center.  More evidence is building of Turk complicity in crimes against humanity.  Remember this place.

Al-Tha’la:  A large airbase is located here and the SAA crushed an effort to enter the town.  This place could be in Suwaydaa.

Busraa Al-Shaam:  2 packs of rodents trained in Jordan by the CIA and the Jordanians were attacked pitilessly by the SAA.  I have no more details.

Bakkaa:  (Historically, an alternative name for Mecca.  Aramaic)  More rats die here.

Fighting with the SAA on the offensive everywhere: Rasaas, ‘Itmaan/Tafass Dirt Road, ‘Itmaan, North of Old Customs Building, Al-Manshiyya Quarter, Al-Bihaar Q, East of Post Office, Dam Road,  North Al-Beetaar Farms, West Al-Ghaariyya (a nest destroyed)

Inkhil:  Nusra nest destroyed with 7 rats killed.  A warehouse was also destroyed and all ammunition and weapons seized.

Simleen:  More Nusra rats killed here.  No details.

Khirbat Ghazaala:  An attempted infiltration from West Al-Ghaariyya came a cropper for the miserable American-trained rodents.



City:  The day before yesterday, confirmed reports the SAA, NDF and Internal Security brigades have driven out ISIS from the Ghuwayraan Quarter.  Warehouses filled with RPGs, assault rifles, locally manufactured rockets, medicines/Captagon, binoculars and advanced satellite communications equipment were seized.  The rats left quickly leaving behind all this useful equipment.  Thank you, Turk scum.

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