GTA-ISIS: Fighters Recruiting Youth With ‘Jihad Video Game’ Trailer ~ HEBA DELACRES

Magazines, video trailers, slick social media campaigns, and now…a video game.

The Islamic State has taken recruiting youth to gaming with the release of a ‘GTA style jihadist video game trailer. The aim of the game is to destroy Iraqi and US forces.

According to ‘Islamic State Media’ the recruitment propaganda video is aimed to “raise the morale of the mujahedin and to train children and youth how to battle the West and to strike terror into the hearts of those who oppose the Islamic State.”

“The content includes all of the organization’s military tactics against its opponents,” the Islamic State said.

View the trailer here





IS (Formally, ISIS) stick to their real life actions with the characters blowing up vehicles, slaughtering, and beheading their victims, with the IS flag shows at the top of the screen throughout the trailer.

The trailer was released shortly after General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a Senate hearing that American ground troops may be required in the struggle against IS.


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