The Trip to Fanciful; Obama’s Farcical Speech ~ by Ziad Fadel

Obama, in his speech before the nation on national television on September 10, 2014,  never mentioned the fact that Qatar and Turkey, both American allies, were the lifeblood of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  To further qualify his ignorance (or maybe his treachery), he repeatedly referred to the Al-Qaeda offshoot as “ISIL” replacing the word “Syria” with “Levant”.  It is proof positive that the so-called “Arabists” at Foggy Bottom have degenerated into Zionist flag-bearers with a modicum of a dilettante’s knowledge of matters Near Eastern.  Let me tell you why.

The word “Levant” is French.  Ou le soleil leve.  Where the sun rises.  It refers specifically to the coastal area of the far eastern end of the Mediterranean or Natural Syria.  But, “Syria” is not only the Levant, it is also the Syrian Desert and those Euphratean areas containing cities like Dayr El-Zor, Al-Mayaadeen and Al-Raqqa where the local accents are decidedly influenced by Mesopotamian or Gulf Arabic, even Najdi in some locales.  But, we can’t expect the superficially educated apparatchiks at the State Department to know that, why that might mean the U.S. has actual area experts; which, by the way, it doesn’t.  What Foggy Bottom has, instead, is a coterie of spooks inextricably linked to the Company, the CIA.  Shades of Robert Ford and Christopher Stephens.  American diplomats are beginning to look more decidedly like saboteurs, gun runners, assassins and fifth columns, than smooth, silk-tongued boulevardiers wearing bowler hats and sporting ivory handled canes.

But, at no time did Obama stop to explain what ISIS was; how it originated in Iraq as a response to American occupation of that country.  He did not tell his public that ISIS used to be linked to Al-Qaeda and that Jabhat Al-Nusra, a “legal” franchise of Al-Qaeda was an organization the U.S. supports in Syria.  In other words, he used the word ISIL to conceal the word “Syria”.  His handlers didn’t want to make the connection that Syria was also being fought by this vicious and nihilistic organization created by the U.S.

Obama’s short speech, therefore, may be more interesting for what it did not address than what it did.  Oh, he tried to look somber, almost melancholic somehow.  He made sure to mention the power points all men of superficiality need to broach in order to get themselves wired up for the nonsense they’re going to foist on a putatively ignorant public.  His handlers made sure there were no important baseball games being broadcast simultaneously which might distract his audience, the men desperately channel-surfing for some sportscaster’s voice or the women checking out the latest infomercial on life extending juice blenders.

Obama did not tell Americans that Chuck Hagel could not get Turkey, an ally in NATO, to commit to fighting ISIS.

Obama did not tell Americans that Turkey provides safe haven for ISIS and arms the savages.

Obama did not tell Americans that Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia all have a hand in the financial growth of ISIS.

Obama did not tell Americans that Jabhat Al-Nusra, supported by the U.S. even though it’s a terrorist organization, was a branch of Al-Qaeda, just like the laundry list of groups fighting to oust Dr. Assad.

Obama did not tell Americans that the Syrian Army was fighting ISIS too.

Obama did not tell Americans that Arab countries in the area did not have any interest, much less the ability,  in putting soldiers on the ground in either Iraq or Syria.

Obama did not tell Americans that he might order a violation of Syrian airspace in order to strike ISIS.

Obama did not tell Americans that the Syrian government has a seat at the United Nations and is a founding member state of that organization.

Obama did not tell Americans that he did not ask Russia, Iran or Syria to join in the battle against ISIS.

Obama did not tell Americans that the Syrian president won an election by garnering 80% of the vote in an internationally observed process much more democratic than anything in Lebanon, the Zionist Settler State or Turkey.

Obama did not tell Americans that Russia and Iran sternly oppose a violation of Syrian sovereignty without coordination with Damascus.

Obama did not tell Americans that Russia will go to war if the U.S. attacks Syria.  (We wouldn’t want people to start hoarding cans of pork and beans in their bomb shelters.)

Obama did not tell Americans that he was an intellectually bankrupt American president conducting their affairs under the heel of his Zionist masters.


But, here’s what his speech writers did put in:

Assad has lost legitimacy and could not be a part of Obama’s scheme.

ISIS killed 2 American reporters. (We’re not so sure)

ISIS is evil incarnate.

ISIS kills Christians.  He never mentioned his terrorists killing Christians in Syria!

No American boots in combat in Iraq or Syria.  Only air power.

We might suffer some losses.

The U.S. got Assad to give up his CW arsenal.  No mention of Syria’s BW.  (tee hee hee)

I mean, what else did he say?;  “God Save these United States of America?”


The post-speech analyses were virtually comic masterpieces.  Not a one mentioned the Russian nuclear fleet off the coast of Tartous.  Not a one mentioned the 2006 Syrian-Iranian Mutual Defense Treaty.  Nobody wanted to talk about what happens if Syria shoots down offending American bombers.  Not a one mentioned Syria’s own war against ISIS and Al-Qaeda – that the Syrian government was in the same trench.  No Pat Buchanan.  No Ron Paul.  No Lord Rifkind. No George Galloway.  Only talking heads repeating the same chorus of mumbo jumbo – all designed to deflect the most incisive questions.  It was an exercise in pathological lying and deceit worthy of Cagliostro.

Obama is like the Emperor Macrinus, an outsider with negligible administrative skills.  He also represents that time during the descent of the great Roman Empire when provincial personalities seem to exist only to watch the glories of the past wither away in a process that is disturbingly similar to what is happening today in the U.S. capital.  Obama’s speech was disturbing for its lack of depth and quality.  He should never have been elected president.  He’s not the one to lead any war against ISIS.   ZAF




Erdal sends this gut-splitting send-off for ISIS.  It’s a must-see and is in Iraqi dialect:



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