69th anniversary of Syrian Army foundation ~ Wide military operations eliminate foreign mercenaries ~ Terrorist attacks kill 9 civilians in Homs and Damascus c.s.

the real Syrian Free Press


69th anniversary of Syrian Army foundation, absolute commitment to Arab just issues

Since its foundation 69 years ago, the Syrian Arab Army showed an absolute adherence to the just issues of the Arab Nation, insisting on defending its dignity.

For over six decades, the Syrian Arab Army has believed in Arabism, participating in all the battles it was engaged in since the war of rescuing Palestine in 1948 to the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, the six-year Attrition War after 1967 aggression, Tishreen Libration War in 1973 to the wars in defense of Lebanon’s unity in 1976 and 1982, where it showed bravery and boosted the meaning of sacrifice.
Observers see that the battle the Syrian Arab Army is being engaged in today against armed terrorist groups, backed by the USA and Israel, is not different from the previous wars.

The sequenced field victories achieved by the Syrian Arab…

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