Gaza “a new Sabra and Shatilla”, the on-going Nakba

In Gaza

Latest reports coming out of Gaza are horrific, the slaughter of Palestinians in Shuja’iya (Sheyjayee). Even more than ever, we have to challenge the narrative that “Israelis” are the victims.

Palestinians have the right and obligation to resist. Resist this slaughter. Resist the siege. Resist the raping and stealing of their land. Resist their dispossession.

We’ve seen that the UN and like institutions are useless, a band-aid that doesn’t cover all the wound and doesn’t address the sickness. The UN is not only useless, it is complicit, from the beginning the dividing and stealing of Palestine. We’ve seen that the West and corrupt Arab states have never, and will never, support justice for Palestinians. Only regional allies like Syria, Hezbollah and Iran have truly offered support to Palestinians and Palestinian resistance.

With this latest massacre and latest war on Gaza, more than ever we need to recognize this support and the…

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