Retired Syrian Pilots Flying Sukhois Aircrafts For Iraq

the real Syrian Free Press

Sukhoi AircraftSukhoi Aircraft

The Iraqi government has wasted no time asserting its air supremacy by purchasing close to 90 Sukhoi-25 Fencers multi-role bombers from the Russian Federation and Belarus. 

Sukhoi AircraftSukhoi Aircraft

But who is going to pilot the jets?  Enter 400 retired Syrian Air Force pilots trained to fly Sukhois who will complement a few Iranians.  SyrPer has learned that the Iraqi government is paying top dollar for these experienced pilots whose role will be to provide air cover for advancing Iraqi army forces and devastating fire power against the hordes of U.S.-sponsored, -funded and -trained ISIS terrorists infesting brotherly Iraq. 

I have been informed that even active-duty Syrian pilots will be involved in orienting the retired officers to the topography and geography of Iraq.

Don’t believe any story about U.S. drones flying in Iraqi air space to provide Intel for the Iraqi armed forces. 

The Syrian government has already warned…

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