USA-NATO CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Kiev’s Special Forces Attacking South-East Insurgent Population, Firing with Tanks/Helicopters ~ US Troops Arrived in Poland ~ Right Sector forms New Squadrons to Attack East-Ukrainian Civilians

the real Syrian Free Press

Immediatelyafter the visit ofU.S. Vice-PresidentBiden,despitethe agreements reachedin Geneva,theU.S.puppetgovernmentinKievdecide to attackwithtanks and helicoptersandfire on theseparatistRussian-speaking populationofsouth-eastUkraine.

This is aCrimeAgainstHumanitythathas beendecided, determined, wanted, authorizedandorganizedby the American administration, using a bunch ofcorrupted whichhave seized powerin Kievwith violence andwith the support ofthe Euro-NATO-American intelligence.

President Obama will pay a big price for this, because instead of calm the situation and block the extremist factions, its regime gave them the green light for war and for commiting crimes.

That’s where the American & European taxpayers’ money are going, to finance criminals  corrupted neo-nazis and wars against  peoples, while European people are starving.

And this isa clearpicture of thefalsehoodsand

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