The Good News of the Day: Notorious Ukrainian NATO’s Terrorist Puppet Shot Dead (…they did the job for Zion, and now are no more useful…)

the real Syrian Free Press

Notorious Ukrainian NATO’s Terrorist Puppet, Aleksandr Muzychko, Shot Dead.

They did the job for the US/NATO/Zion lobby, and now are no more useful.

Thank you Ukrainianscomrades”, you are the moststupid andignorant “comrades” ofEurasia, you have done the dirty work forZog, you were ableto rubbishideals thatyou have neverunderstood, and we hope you canallbe erased, because it iswhatyou deserve.


Notorious Ukrainian right-wing militant leader Aleksandr Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, has been shot dead during a police raid against his gang, confirmed Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior.

Muzychko was killed in Rovno, western Ukraine, where he coordinated actions of local groups belonging to the nationalist Right Sector movement.

Ukrainian nationalist militant Muzychko shot dead-4

At a press conference dedicated to Muzychko‘s death, First Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Yevdokimov announced that charges of hooliganism and obstructing law enforcement agencies had been…

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