Syrian Arab Army storms terrorists’ dens killing large numbers of US terrorists

Nov 08, 2013

Provinces, (SANA)- Units of the armed forces on Friday carried out operations in which they stormed terrorists’ dens and gatherings in several areas, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Many terrorists killed in Damascus Countryside, a 150 m tunnel found in Sbeineh

Army units killed members of armed terrorist groups in eastern Ghouta and several towns in the countryside, in addition to continuing the process of clearing al-Sbeineh area, which was recently brought under the army’s control, along with Ghazal town.

SANA reporter said that in the process of searching the terrorists’ dens in al-Sbeineh town, units of the armed forces uncovered a 150 m long tunnel stretching from al-Sbeineh al-Kubra town to the highway leading to Ghazal town.


A police station of the so-called “The Sharia Law Commission” was also found in the area, in addition to a field court and rooms for torturing the terrorists’ abductees.

The reporter added that the army units also disclosed a workshop containing equipment and tools for making mortars, explosive devices and bombs and a field hospital including 11 boxes of medicine, beds and T-shirts with a logo of “The Qatari Campaign for Syria’s Relief” written on it, in addition to mottos for Jabhat al-Nusra, Liwa al-Islam and Liwa Huzaifa Bin al-Yaman.

An army field commander told SANA reporter that army units arrested many terrorists and released a number of abducted citizens whom the terrorists used as human shields.

The army units, the commander added, dismantled a big number of explosive devices and mines planted by terrorists in the towns of Sbeineh al-Sughra, Sbeineh al-Kubra and Ghazal.

Meanwhile, SANA reporter quoted an official source as saying that 3 terrorists were killed at al-Korniche al-Westani area in Joubar neighborhood, while members of an armed terrorist group were killed near Cars Company in Harasta, including Kheir Shalleh.

A unit of the armed forces pounded a den for an armed terrorist group in Adra al-Balad and killed the terrorist Hamed Hajleh.

In the farms of al-Aliyeh and al-Ebb in Douma area, army units carried out several operations in which they razed terrorists’ dens and gatherings, killing dozens of them, including Osama al-Mashout.

In the same context, the axis of al-Bahariyeh-al-Delbeh-al-Qarieh al-Shamiyeh in eastern Ghouta witnessed a series of successful operations that resulted in the killing of more than 20 terrorists. Ahmad al-Mohammad was identified among the dead.

According to the source, an army unit killed 4 terrorists during hunting down terrorist groups in Daraya city, among them was Mohammad Shammat, while other units destroyed gatherings for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Rima farms in Yabroud and Housh Arab.

A military source told SANA that an army unit eliminated two terrorist groups and destroyed their cars with the weapons and ammunition inside in the areas of al-Batra and Ghalizet al-Maghar east of al-Rheibeh in Damascus countryside.

Army kills terrorists firing mortar shells in Homs

A military source told SANA that the army units killed all members of an armed terrorist groups in al-Rastan while they were firing mortar shells on the neighboring villages including 25 terrorists near al-Rastan lake, and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

The source added that an army unit stormed terrorists’ dens in al-Rastan, Kissein gulf and the villages of Mhain, al-Taiba, Om al-Dababer, al-Ghajar and Taldao, while another army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists who were attempting to cut the road of Misyaf and attack the passing citizens.

In Homs city, the army units killed and injured many terrorists in al-Qsour, al-Warshah, al-Safsafa and al-Hamediyeh neighborhoods and destroyed their equipment.

 Non-Syrian terrorists killed in Hama countryside

Units of the armed forces killed and injured many terrorists, including non-Syrians  in several areas of Hama countryside, in addition to seizing their weapons and ammunition.

A military source told SANA that an army unit destroyed a terrorists’ den  full of weapons, ammunition and stolen medical equipment and medicine in Horta village in Kfarnabuda area in Hama countryside, killing all terrorists inside it.

The source added that among the dead terrorists were Shahoud Mohammad al-Nakdi from Saudi Arabia, Ahmad al-Baker from Iraq, Ibrahim Ezz-Eddin from Egypt, Shadi al-Faris from Yemen, Abdullwahab al-Mansour  and Yusuf Ahmad al-Yusuf from Jordan and Bahjat Kadoura from Libya.

Army units foil terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate into Ein Krei’ village in Idleb

A unit of the armed forces foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from Maaret al-Nouman  to Ein Krei’ village, killing and injuring most of them.

Another army unit destroyed a terrorists’ den in the area surrounding Abu Duhour and to the south of Om Jrein and Tal Salmo villages.

Meanwhile, the army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in al-Janoudiyeh and al-Kiniyeh villages and in Maret al-Nouman city, in addition to destroying their equipment.   








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