Humanitarian Intervention: Destroying Nations To Save Them..

View from the Left Bank: Rob Prince's Blog

(note: this also was posted at Foreign Policy In Focus)

By Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince

“The fate of Iraq is a sideshow, the terrorist threat is a red herring, and the radical Islamist’s dream of a worldwide jihad against the west is a fantasy, but the attempt to revive Pax Americana is real.”

– Gwynne Dyer –

The notion of “humanitarian intervention” by former imperialist and now neo-colonial powers is as old as the hills. One can trace such pretexts back far in modern history. Two examples, among many, suffice: the 1898 U.S. invasion of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines was done in the name of saving those peoples from the Spanish yoke. Hitler used it as the excuse to annex the Sudetenland regions of (then) Czechoslovakia to supposedly “save” the poor German residents of that country.

More recently, humanitarian interventionism has yet again gained currency, a…

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