Cameroon – France’s Guatemala (Second of a series): Putting Together Francafrique

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(Part One of the Series)

(Part Three of the Series)

(Part Four of the Series)

Cameroon is a part and parcel of a larger system, set up by De Gaulle and his sidekick, Jacques Foccart during the 1950s and 1960s, the purpose of which was to insure that independence for France’s former African colonies would result in maintaining a French stranglehold over the countries’ resources and markets while feigning respect for African independence. Depending on whose point of view to be believed – it was either an on-going, never-ending success, or it has resulted in more than a half century of poverty, famine, and unending oppression. In fact many French people are quite proud of “France’s accomplishments” in Africa. Not so for many Cameroonians whose fate and sufferings rarely reach European/American eyes.

This is in part out of ignorance. Knowledge of France’s role on the continent is scant…

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