U.S.-Backed Somalia Army Accused of Abusing Women

U.S.-Backed Somalia Army Accused of Abusing Women

Somalian women carrying weapons to protect themselves from the U.S.-backed military. Women have been abducted and assaulted by the soldiers. by Pan-African News Wire File Photos
Somalian women carrying weapons to protect themselves from the U.S.-backed military. Women have been abducted and assaulted by the soldiers., a photo by Pan-African News Wire File Photos on Flickr.

Somalia: Army Accused of Kidnapping and Pimping Local Girls to Foreign Troops

Sunday, 11 August 2013 21:45

The security situation is so dire that women in Mogadishu are forced to carry machetes and axes to protect themselves from Soldiers.

Earlier this year, a Somali woman was jailed for reporting a rape by government forces.

Why does the Somali Federal Government in Mogadishu continue to turn a blind eye against the rampant abuse committed by their security forces?

By: Sancho Pasha

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – Having failed to get protection from the country’s national army, women in Mogadishu are now victims of not only the terror organizations both ideological and criminal but from their purported protectors, the very Somalia national army.

Harassed in every street corner and village bush all over the sprawling country by Al-shabaab militants, the Somalia National Army-SNA has turned to abduction of women who are then supplied to the African Union -AMISOM troops for obviously deducible purposes.

These disturbing activities of the SNA were unearthed by the Somali Chanel Mogadishu station following a harrowing interview with a kidnapping victim who was subsequently pimped to AMISOM troops.

The Somalia National Army is entirely and heavily subsidized by the international community which sponsors training in various countries. All this emanates from strategies of the imperialists to fight terrorism without placing its boots on the ground.

“Man is the only military machine that bleeds”

While the women continue to be kidnapped and their bodies used inhumanly THEIR president His Excellency Hasan Sheikh Mahmud is constantly and publicly stating that “The Somali National Army is the backbone and the pride of this nation.”

With this revelations it is unclear what steps the so much touted righteous Somalia Federal government-SFG administration of President Hasan will do to alleviate the overt gender-based violence against women in Mogadishu and countrywide perpetrated by the supposedly upholders of law and order.

It is also worthy of not only asking what action the international community will take but querying it the “international community” on how it continues to spend taxpayers money sponsoring official criminals who masquerade as a government.

Imagine this coming on the heels of the top story from Somalia TITLED “UK aid supplies lost to Somali militants”.

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