Updated w/answer World History ~ What countries have used nuclear weapons, who are they and when were they used?

What countries have used nuclear weapons, who are they and when were they used?

a) Nazi Germany 1939
b) USSR 1920
c) Israel 1948
d) USA 1945


d) USA 1945

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“… Worst War Crime Ever” ~ by Bill the Butcher

It was just short of eleven in the morning of a mild late summer day. The streets of the city were teeming with people going to work, while children played in the parks and in the medical college, professors were lecturing to their students on medicine and surgery.

High over the city, above the layer of clouds in the sky, a silver aeroplane was flying along on four throbbing motors. The crew had already been in the air for many hours and was growing tense and weary. They had flown to another city, where they were to deliver their cargo, but that had been obscured by smog and cloud, so they had come to this, their secondary destination. Getting low on fuel and experiencing some engine trouble, they were looking for a break in the cloud cover so that they could see where to release their cargo, a gift for the two hundred thousand people below.

A sudden hole opened in the cloud cover, and the B-29 started its bombing run.

It was the ninth of August, 1945, and the city below was about to become a funeral pyre.

When the accounts are written of the atom bomb, one name, and one alone, stands out in the histories – Hiroshima. It’s as though the atomic age is symbolised by that city. Tagged on, sometimes, to the end of it, is another name – Nagasaki – as though it were no more than an afterthought, ignored by most people except as a footnote. But Nagasaki was a city in its own right, bombed separately from Hiroshima, and with its own personalised tragedy.

In order to understand the tragedy of Nagasaki, it’s necessary first to examine the decision to use the atom bomb and the reasoning behind the bombing of Hiroshima.
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