Iraq reinforces Syria and Jordan border guards

the real Syrian Free Press



Baghdad, (SANA – M. Ismael) –Iraq sent four infantry regiments along Iraq’s borders with Syria and Jordan to head off the infiltration of terrorists and weapons’ smuggling, a source at the Iraqi Defense Ministry said Thursday.

The source indicated to intelligence information on terrorists’ attempts to infiltrate to Iraq from Syria after they were vanquished in al-Qseir, reiterating that the Iraqi forces will repel any cross-border infiltration attempts.

Iraqi security sources said that terrorist groups in Jordan and Syria are planning to cross borders to carry out terrorist attacks in Nineveh and al-Anbar provinces to disturb the provincial elections due to be held on June 20.

The security and defense committee at the Iraqi parliament expressed support to the government’s decision to beef up border guards.

The Iraqi MP, Adnan al-Shahmani said that preventing the infiltration of terrorists feeling the strikes of the Syrian army is a…

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