Malcolm Shabazz ~


Malcolm X’s Grandson, Malcolm Shabazz, Reported Dead ~ by Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

…. sad day, i don’t want to think about this yet considering they are killing off potential leaders …

rest in peace


5 thoughts on “Malcolm Shabazz ~

  1. He became a marked man after making the Hajj to Mecca, and his fate was sealed when he shook hands with Muammar Gadhafi.
    I make these claims not only because I have a clear understanding of the methods that law enforcement and domestic intelligence gathering organizations have used against the best, brightest, and most dangerous men and women amongst us.
    With the integrity of his bloodline, the depth of his intelligence, and his willingness to lead by example, Malcolm Shabazz could have evolved from a hoodlum into a living legend, capable of stirring the consciousness of the sleeping masses (at the time of his death, Shabazz had begun work on two books, and had agreed to participate in a number of Pan-African events).
    As we Black men and women enter the dawn of a new Great Awakening into Black Consciousness, our enemy (who is well aware of the revival of Pan-Africanism, and the dangers it holds for them) has become ever more willing to use secret and deadly force against anyone or anything that seeks to destroy its power over us.
    Rest in power,young warrior. Your spirit lives eternally. We will not forget you.

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