US-backed Rebels Call for Greater Imperialist Intervention in Libya

US-backed Rebels Call for Greater Imperialist Intervention in Libya

Last Minute News from a very good source! The US to send 10,000 troops to Libya!!!!

The  Puppet Leaders are asking for 10,000 U.S. soldiers— They’re telling us they’re going to die if we don’t send troops!!!

Personally I am wondering why they are asking for 10,000 soldiers? are they so afraid of the wrath of the Green Resistance and of Libyan people? I wonder????

If the matter was not serious I would laugh till I would cry from tears, but this is no laughing matter, these idiots who came from abroad thinking they could take over after 42 years believing in their own hallucination of walking into Libya and freeing it from a so called tyrant who most of us (90%) liked that it would be easy well life isn’t easy and to rule a country also is not easy especially  Libyan tribes we are very difficult people and we do not like being told by ass-holes who studied or lived abroad what we have to do in our own country. We are not westerners we are Libyans and tribesmen we do not like change. Especially the western kind of change.

So yes Puppet Regime beg the US for more troops to come in because your time is up!

Viva the Green Resistance!




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