Doha fairytales (1001 nights) Part 2

Mato's Blog

The first fairytale from Doha was a satyrical comment about the UN climate-change conference 2012, which as expected ended without any progress.

How could it have been different when the conference took place in the country with the world’s highest per capita carbon emissions, the highest average income, and a lifestyle that is nothing less than an ecstatic celebration of consumerism, putting even the most affluent US Americans to shame.

The Qataris enthusiastic embrace of Western consumerism has lead to serious problems, making Qatar not only the richest, but also the most obese nation on earth. Half of the adults and a third of the children in Qatar are overweight, 17 percent of the native population suffers from diabetes. Related illnesses and complications like hypertension, blindness, partial paralysis, and heart disease are on the rise and in addition to that there are also high rates of birth defects and genetic…

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