Syria: Terrorists in Daraya (near Damascus) are whining By Viktor Reznov

Syria: NATO propaganda is disgusting brainwashing

Daraya, Syria: It is quite a sure sign that the terrorists in Syria are facing a heavy defeat when their propagandists change their heroic propaganda of victory into wailing.

In a report of the propaganda-outlet AFP, which was published by, the terrorists who are currently present in Daraya (near the Syrian capital Damascus) are whining because the Syrian Arab army would now for 28 days carry out attempts – of course, unsuccessful – to take the city and that they, the terrorists, would have an “urgent need” that the “replenishment” is restored due to the “persistent fuel shortage” owing to the “onset of winter”.

It is not even a month ago, that the olive green NATO / German propaganda paper, the “Taz”, has proudly announced on 20 November, the NATO- and GCC nations-supported terrorists would embark on a “March on Damascus”, therefore to conquer Damascus like Mussolini has once conquered Rome, and that the terrorist fighters would have already managed to shoot grenades from Daraya into direction of Damascus.
The propagandist Mona Sarkis announced on 1 December under the headline “Battle of Damascus has begun” at Telepolis that Damascus would be surrounded by the rebels, and a fan of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) was also allowed to spread there that the government in Damascus would have made mistakes:

Daraya was “now as emptied”, of “once 250,000 residents only about 20,000 remained there” and such ghost towns would attract the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) because there, no more civilians that would stand in the way of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The Zionist German Holtzbrinck-paper “Die Zeit” reported on 1 December confidently, that the terrorists would now try to conquer the International airport of Damascus.

The Zionist “Springer press” announced on 5 December cheerfully that the terrorists laid siege to the airport of Damascus and would carry out the operation to surround Damascus, for this they only would need to maintain their positions in the suburbs Daraya and the outer borough Moadamia (belongs to Daraya).

The German BND-Boss (Bundesnachrichtendienst / Federal Intelligence Service) Gerhard Schindler announced on 8 December euphoric, that the Syrian government will not survive, that they are losing control over more and more parts of the country and that the signs would increase that they are in the final stage.

The German Holtzbrinck-paper “Handelsblatt” rejoiced on 13 December that the top terrorist leader Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the general secretary of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation (NATO), expects an early end of the government in Damascus. In addition, that Victoria Nuland, wife of the warmonger Robert Kagan and spokesperson for the Zionist U.S. top terrorist Hillary Clinton, declared that the days of the Syrian government are numbered (yes, again and again) and that even Russia has said that a victory for the terrorists in Syria could be possible.

The transatlantic smear sheet “Der Spiegel” brought to his audience on 13 December very happily the message that the exiled terrorist leader Muas al-Khatib has declared that the terrorists who are active in Syria would have no need any more for foreign military support because they would win anyway, and that he is now ready to negotiate with the Syrian government about their surrender.

The German newspaper “Die Süddeutsche Zeitung” published the headline on 13 December: U.S. and Russia expect the victory of the rebels in Syria – “The end of the regime is near”. That’s what a winner looks like.

Well then? They are whining. On 15 December. Not even two days after the NATO- and GCC-propaganda channels have flooded the world with the news of their imminent great and final victory. The present terrorists in the ghost town Daraya are whining over all their propaganda channels – from AFP to Spiegel to DPA, even that they are attacked by the Syrian Arab army, that it is cold and that they need urgently replenishment.

To sell this stuff, accordingly the propaganda defaults, means really hard work for the NATO propaganda machine, even if you take into account that their audience is plentiful stupid.

People who get their information not only from the totally hypocritical blatant crap machinery of the NATO and GCC nations ask rather, how is it that the terrorists in the surrounded ghost town of Daraya are only now whining.

With a little common sense one can imagine, even without having any information from Syria, how a battle between the Syrian Arab army and tens of thousands of easy to medium armed terrorists that are trained by NATO states will end, when the terrorist have no possibility to hide between the Syrian civilians, because they have concentrated themselves in ghost towns, which were quickly abandoned by its inhabitants at the arrival of the FSA terrorists.

Who knows that wars are won by the fact that the enemy is destroyed can count it on three fingers that the NATO and its terrorists have made a serious mistake to let the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists gather in Daraya near Damascus.

But even if the machinery of mass stupidity of the NATO countries repeatedly claims that there is now reliable independent information from Syria because their professional liars are not allowed to be in that kind active there as they would like – that is, at least, not true in terms of Daraya.

Vladimir Sharlay and Marat Musin of Anna News have reported live, for example, on 3 December at Kremlin TV directly from the frontline in Daraya. They reported that the Syrian Arab army has surrounded about 20,000 terrorists in the abandoned ghost town of Daraya and that the Syrian Arab army would systematically render them harmless without precipitous haste and at a rate of several hundred per day.

The reporters of Anna News report every day about the anti-terrorism combat of the Syrian Arab army in the ghost town of Daraya (Daraia).

The reporters of Anna News show the devastations that were done by the terrorists in the homes of the city, they show the systematically arsons by the FSA terrorists in order to safeguard their escape deeper into the city; they also show how the terrorists use their scarce diesel to burn the faces of the numerous corpses of the foreign terrorist in order to make them unidentifiable, although their still remain recognizable as foreigners by their clothes and the foreign money in the pockets.

Anna News also shows the signatures that were left behind by the terrorists on the walls of their former accommodations, from the “Free Syrian Army” to Wahhabi brigades to Afghan militias; they show dead animals that were killed by the terrorists because of simple bloodlust, and they show the workshops to build bombs – every day, Anna News shows more and more horrible things, committed by the terrorists in Syria.

On Thursday, for example, the viewers of a video by ANNA News were able to see a territory in Daraya that was newly liberated from terrorist by the Syrian Arab army. The reporter of ANNA News drove on a armoured ambulance transporter several miles through the deserted suburbs of Daraya in direction to the front line in order to pick up some wounded Syrian soldiers.

Yesterday, ANNA News has initially released a video in which the viewers could directly watch units of the Syrian Arab army in their anti-terrorism combat in Daraya – directly over the shoulder or over the gun barrel; later, they have published a more detailed video clip in which the viewers are able to accompany a foot patrol of the Syrian Arab army in Daraya.

Like the team of ANNA News explained, the Syrian Arab army has successfully tested a combined tactics of mechanized units and units on foot in Daraya (Daraja) on Saturday, which allows a slightly faster approach in the elimination of the snipers of the terrorists by the Syrian Arab army in the abandoned Syrian city.

According to ANNA News from Saturday, the focus of the anti-terror fight of the Syrian Arab army in the area of the Syrian capital Damascus currently consists on the suburbs of Daraya in the southwest and Duma (Douma) in the northeast of Damascus that were both abandoned by its inhabitants, and where each are large groups of several thousand terrorists surrounded by the units of the Syrian army and they are faced with their successive elimination.

ANNA-News sees as an evidence of the success of the Syrian Arab army that the terrorists had no success in carrying out a single bomb attack in Damascus on Friday and Saturday. In addition, ANNA-News from Daraya reported further that a several-kilometre-long tunnel had been discovered on Saturday and secured by the Syrian army. The terrorists would have used this tunnel to flee Daraya.

There are other news sources from Syria. The website still publishes extensive news in English from different sources and from all provinces of Syria, despite the attempts of the cyber warriors of NATO, to destroy them, in a daily newsletter.

According the newsletter, the result seems that the NATO and GCC terrorists have no rosier stay in the most other provinces of Syria, particularly in Aleppo, than in Damascus, which is contrary to the current NATO and GCC propaganda.

From Aleppo, one can soon expect a big whining of the terrorists, when they have found a replacement for the just killed terrorist leader Yusef al-Jader.

At Twitter, among others, the account @syrianews1 points towards English videos news from Syria. German-language analyses of the often primitive staged and faked propaganda videos of the terrorists in Syria can be found at The brought into line propaganda machine of NATO just denies these news because these news are refuting their systematically lies.

Thus, there’s independent news from Syria. Some interesting and good German translations of ANNA-News and other Russian news sources can be found at the blog “chartophylakeion tou polemou”. That the NATO- and GCC-backed terrorist groups in the Syrian city of Homs, Syria’s third largest city, are beaten can be read in German, for example, in the newspaper “Junge Welt“.

Also in other provinces of Syria, the obituary of the terrorists does not really look like the luck is on their side in the recent days. Despite the on-going efforts of the Zionists, NATO and GCC terrorists and their backers to prevent the spreading of the truth by any means, there is apart from the Russian news sources also still the Syrian state news.

Thus, for example, SANA is currently available at in order to bypass the on-going DDoS attacks, and the English-language news from SANA is also available at German translations of the news by SANA and other news from Syria in German can be found, among others, at


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