Syria: Spiegel Online changed, yet once again, the truth to propaganda

How the anti-Syrian Propaganda is made appropriate ~ By Susana Al Halabi

Matching to the new major offensive of the NATO-backed terrorists in Syria, which is doomed to failure, the propaganda outlets of the NATO countries are increasing the amount of anti-Syrian propaganda articles and headlines.

The Syrian government would, shortly before its fall, consider the use of chemical weapons due to its desperation, or the terrorists in Syria would record great terrain gains and so on. This is what one can hear from the propaganda loudspeakers of NATO, while their gangs of murderers are incurring daily losses in the three-digit range since weeks.

The known magazine “Spiegel Online” is unintentionally teaching its readers a lesson of how the anti-Syrian propaganda is fabricated. In a recently emerged video, which is supposedly coming from the Syrian city of Homs, one can clearly see a child getting encouraged to cut off a man`s head.
Press TV is convinced that the noticeable accent of the criminals sounded like the Saudi Arabic accent, and the video would probably show some Saudi terrorists who are active in Syria and who are purportedly supported by NATO countries to enforce human rights in Syria.

It would certainly not be the first time that the NATO-supported terror group filmed themselves proudly while committing the most terrible crimes in Syria. On the contrary, the death squad of NATO murder and torture almost daily in Syria; furthermore, the beheading in the Saudi-Wahhabi style belongs to their usual pattern of behaviour.

Adding to this, children were already frequently used by the NATO death squads for their crimes in Syria.

They usually publish their videos at the relevant Wahhabi channels on the U.S. website YouTube; in the description of the videos, there is usually a victim-reversal carried out, which is then used by the propaganda machine of the NATO countries.

Spiegel Online has reported the following about the origin of the video:

The video was apparently uploaded by a journalist of the Arabic channel Radio Sawa, who has received the footage, according to his information, directly “from a commander in Homs”.

Wikipedia (English) reports the following about the “Arab” station Radio Sawa:

Radio Sawa is a 24-hour 7-day-a-week Arabic language radio station broadcasting in the Arab world. The station is a service of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks Inc., and is publicly funded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors and the U.S. Congress.

Wikipedia (German) reports the following about the “Arab” station Radio Sawa:

Radio Sawa is a U.S. Congress-funded radio station that broadcasts a program in Arabic for the Middle Eastern region. It is subject to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which is responsible for the operation of all non-military international broadcasts of the United States.

That it is hardly to reconcile with the aspiration to enforce human rights to encourage kids of beheading people in the Saudi style, and that the content is hardly to deny, when even the U.S. government propaganda radio has confirmed its authenticity, what has been – in the meantime – also noticed by somebody at the transatlantic propaganda-outlet “Spiegel Online”.

“Spiegel Online” now reports the following about the source of the video:

The video was released by the Syrian radio station Sham FM. The radio station has spread the video on its Facebook page and YouTube channel. Sham FM is considered loyal to the regime. As the official station in Syria, it is faithfully following the regime language of Bashar al-Assad in its reporting.

Why has “Spiegel Online” suddenly released a new article about the beheading of a Syrian officer by a child in the ranks of the NATO-supported “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria and has replaced the source of the video is not known. In addition, the content of the article was simultaneously replaced with hearty anti-Syrian propaganda.

The content was simply replaced, without any justification.

It is obvious that the new content and information, although it’s not correct, fits better to the anti-Syrian propaganda line of the so-called Western community of shared values.

Important for the NATO media in the West is the monotonous propaganda message:

The NATO-backed terrorists that are also supported by Germany, which should perform a regime change in Syria in order to weaken the Iran, are virtually really nice and peaceful people, and that their leaders call to massacre the members of religious minorities in Syria, that should really not be taken seriously.


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