UN Chief Ban Ki-moon: No Confirmed Reports the Syrian Government is preparing to use chemical weapons By Viktor Reznov

Syria: The chemical weapons propaganda – same authors as usual

 Not only the questionable UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said finally that there is no confirmed information and also no reports that the Syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons in the on-going conflict in this country of the Middle East, also other analysts and sources have stated that these claims are more a strategy than a real concern of the US administration and some European governments.

After the renewed headlines about the chemical weapons in Syria and the claims that the Syrian government would already prepare the use of such chemical weapons, it seems clear that this is again a strategy of propaganda in order to justify further actions against Syria.

In addition, the claims that parts of the Syrian armed forced would already load deadly nerve gas (e.g. sarin) into aerial bombs comes from the same warmongers that already justified the war against Iraq by these false claims about weapons of mass destruction, respectively even by the same so-called journalists.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday while he visited so-called Syrian refugee camps in Turkey that the UN would have received alarming news that the Syrian government may be preparing to use chemical weapons. But Ban Ki-moon also said that there are no confirmed reports on this matter.

Of course, the UN chief Ban Ki-moon said that it would be an “outrageous crime” with a lot of consequences if the Syrian leadership would use chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. That Ban Ki-moon has a huge problem with objectivity is nothing new, he was and is just a tool in a good and useful position.

As you can see by reference to these two pictures below, the same so-called “reliable sources” and journalists, media agency who already carried out the false propaganda against in Iraq in 2003 are now doing the same, in 2012 against Syria. It is surprising that the world still believes such “sources” and the journalists that have already lied about so many “facts”.

That NBC is one of the leading papers in this propaganda about Syria is, however, not surprising. NBC reported this week that the Syrian Arab army has already loaded the deadly nerve gas Sarin into aerial bombs.

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Same warmongers.Same warmongers.

These areal bombs, filled with Sarin, could then be dropped on the armed Syrian rebels from Sukhoi-24 or MiG-24 aircrafts. Of course – as UN chief Ban Ki-moon confirmed, NBC reported this without any credible source. NBC only wanted to boost the propaganda as usual.

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Same warmongers.

(Source of Screenshots: www.fair.org)

At least, ABC News has quoted unnamed U.S. officials who said, that these bombs have so far not been loaded onto aircrafts in Syria and that over the last two days, no major movement has been reported about the chemical weapons sites in Syria.

That the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary “AIPAC” Clinton said that the use of chemical weapons would be crossing a so-called “red line” is not surprising. Indeed, it would cross a “red line” but Hillary Clinton is not really concerned about the Syrian civilians. The U.S. Secretary of State has always used lies and propaganda, if these can be used to achieve her questionable goals.

The United States, as well as some other Western governments and the Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are not concerned about the security of the Syrian people. If they would be concerned about the lives of the Syrian civilians in Syria, they would stop the support with weapons and money to the so-called rebels, who rape, torment and massacre Syrian civilians since months. But these sides still support the armed groups of terrorists and Islamists in Syria in order to achieve their dubious goals in this region. In addition, that parts of these armed groups in Syria are members of really radical Islamist forces is nothing new for this Western alliance of state terrorism.

The chemical weapons in Syria were already a topic this post July – for the same reasons. However, this time, it is a bit different, because it seems that the imperialist forces want to finally play off this chemical weapons card.

Syria has reportedly nerve gas and even mustard gas and is even in possession of Scud missiles needed to deliver these chemical weapons. Of course, Syria is one of the six states on this planet that have not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlaws their production, but that doesn`t say much. It`s like the non-proliferation treaty – even if some states have signed it, they are still leading in this area and have not decreased their amount of nuclear weapons. So even states that have signed the Chemical Weapons Convention are still in possession of such chemical weapons and who says they would not use them – despite this signature?

The Syrian government under the president Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly state that the chemical weapons will not be used on Syria. Since July, the Syrian government has stated that they won`t use chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. The president Bashar al-Assad has just excluded the possibility that these chemical weapons might be used in the event of a “foreign attack” against Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has condemned the possible use of chemical weapons and he also said that the proliferation or use of chemical weapons is “not acceptable” to Russia. Of course, just as Hillary Clinton, also Russia is a bit hypocritical in this topic.

Russia has been pressing the Syrian government for regular guarantees that the chemical weapons stockpiles have not been moved and that the chemical weapons will not be used in the current conflict in Syria. In addition, Russia also has demanded that the chemical stockpiles in Syria are properly guarded, so that the armed terrorists and Islamists in Syria can`t get their hands on these chemical weapons.

Here, it is almost funny if it would not be so hypocrite and wrong, that the US President Barack Obama has even warned the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to use such chemical weapons. Barack Obama, killing civilians by unarmed drones in sovereign states, said that there will be consequences in the event of the tragic mistake of using these chemical weapons and that the Syrian president will be held accountable – but who will hold Barack Obama accountable for his recent war crimes?

That Washington is allegedly worried that the chemical weapons in Syria might fall into the hands of the terrorists and Islamists in Syria shows its true colours. On the one hand, Washington backs these armed groups of radical and armed people with every mean, but on the other hand, these supported mercenaries and religious radicals are a bigger threat than the Syrian government. Thus, Washington supports armed groups but it does not trust them.

The continuous claims of Washington and some Western governments about the preparations of chemical weapons by the Syrian leadership are based on a strategy and not on real concerns, as already mentioned. It is the fact like Ibrahim Alloush of the Zaytouneh University in Jordan has told in an interview with Russia Today (RT). The situation in Syria is similar to the war against/in Iraq.

“The purpose of drumming up these allegations about Syrians attempting or pondering the usage of chemical weapons is either to justify a military intervention directly in Syria, or to justify arming the rebels with qualitatively better weaponry, especially anti-aircraft missiles. Or, if things came to a political settlement, to impose the presence of international monitors, which should be in the best interests of Israel.” (Ibrahim Alloush of the Zaytouneh University in Jordan said in this interview with Russia Today.)

Of course, Ibrahim Alloush is also correct in saying that the recognition of the external Syrian opposition farce as the sole legitimate voice and representative of the Syrian people is another “blatant attempt” on behalf of Western powers to further destabilize the Syrian leadership.

This external Syrian opposition has no support of the majority within Syria. It is just a huge farce and the attempt to feign the situation that this newly formed dubious opposition of questionable Syrian exiles would be accepted and recognized by the Syrian majority.

The typical warmongers as usual are using similar propaganda against another sovereign and secular state and also so-called journalists are again in the play. One can only hope that more and more people do not buy these lies this time, although the media is doing its best to brainwash the opinion of the people and to justify a war of aggression against Syria, which would be again based on false claims and propaganda.

The consequences of such a military intervention by foreign forces in Syria would be horrible. Such a military intervention would not deliver “peace and democracy” to Syria. In contrary, it would probably further destabilize the entire region and could even trigger the next World War.


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