Syria: Bashar al-Assad and the 40,000 bandits By Nay Akilah

Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and the second failed “volcano” in Damascus. has largely returned to the Internet and half Russia sinks into the booze. This happened because the blackout blackout of the Internet was seen as something threatening and the word made the round that in the case when Syria latches back into the Internet and Bashar al-Assad is still the president, they wanted to get drunk due to the joy about it.

Well, all right, there is a little reason to celebrate, even if the situation is still anything but relaxed. Shortly before the end of the blackout, the Russian online newspaper “Vzglyad” reported, citing an “Israeli television channel”, that Damascus would be surrounded by a 40,000-strong “opposition army”.

First, heavy fighting was already reported in three towns near the Damascus International airport and that Syrian residents situated in the southern district Jaramana would already organize vigilante groups.

At the beginning of the broadcast by Kreml TV & Anna-News from Darayya yesterday, a Syrian brigadier general estimated the strength of the only entrenched bandits in this village at about 20,000.

And without giving up, the best way is to eradicate them: “The poor bastards, where should we bury all of them?” It is about a group from all over the world: Syrians, Libyans, Saudis, Egyptians, Afghans and Chechens. The latter, incidentally, is indicatory.

The Syrian Arab army (or the elite unit, which is active there) suffers almost no losses in direct clashes, but is inflicted losses due to snipers and guerrilla attacks. It is now considered as virtually certain that the blackout of the Internet from Thursday to Saturday has been led by the Syrian government and not without a good reason.

The Syrian authorities were aware about the impending “second volcano” because, of course, such a vast number of gangs are not able to cross the borders unseen. Lebanese channel Al-Manar also reported that the blackout of the Internet was used by the Syrian Arab army for pre-emptive strikes, for which they were guided by the intelligence information from Russian military sources.

Damascus – Sebha and back

From where do the masses of terrorists come from? Who trains them? Marat Musin from Anna-News already had indicated that in the report from Jaramana on 28.11.2012 and he mentioned it again in yesterday`s report from Darayya.

view on damascus syria2 Syria: Bashar al Assad and the 40,000 bandits

View on Damascus, Syria

He did not mention his sources, but they will be the same sources which also let the second “volcano” in Damascus, scheduled for the last weekend and which has failed for now. A week ago, the same sources have warned that some 15,000 gunmen from the area around Sabha / Sebha (in Libya!) begun to move, namely towards Syria.

The major part of them are said to actually be Syrians but one can imagine where they come from. The “refugee camps” in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan – where only government opponents are accepted according to openly accessible information – are a rich source for the gunmen.

Already since the summer of this year there were massive recruitment attempts and this has also been reported. It is there clear:

They are hardly idealists or freedom fighters – the people are just in a very difficult situation and were forced to accept every opportunity in order to get their families through.

Under such conditions, it does not seem to be greatly difficult to recruit such an amount of human material for the “freedom struggle against the bloody regime”. Sabha (Sebha) was already mentioned in an article here, which has encountered some displeasure at the persons among the faithful of a “Green Resistance”.

However, and because it just did not seem credible that Bani Walid and Sabha (Sehba) were controlled by Islamists and not by the “Green Resistance’, it was just spread to the world that new Libyan proxy rulers are in control of the two towns.  This is actually a separate and quite difficult subject.

Whatever the situation really is, the sources of Marat Musin are now also speaking about something which resembles what I have already mentioned here – Fezzan (Libya) is still under the control of radical groups such as the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) and AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb).

So, let us first assume that this information is basically correct, as the recent events around Damascus do quite indicate it, too. Almost all possible routes that these masses of people could have taken in direction of Syria seem a little fantastical.

Nevertheless, about 20,000 terrorists are firmly trapped in Darayya. And these are, as the reports of Anna-News and Kreml.TV show, not just locals.

All this is just about the southern Syria. For the north – Aleppo, Idleb (Idlib) and the Kurdish region – the appropriate cannon fodder will also be found.

The weapons for this are already there, in September it was all about reported that a 400-ton cargo of Libyan arms and “accessories” that was unloaded in Iskenderun in Turkey.

The tip of an ugly iceberg. The three-day blackout in Syria was therefore due to pre-emptive strikes against these movements – unfortunately first and only on Syrian territory.

Given the high morale of the Syrian Arab army as it is shown at Anna-News, but also in the view of the precautionary measures in Damascus (including the sealing of sewer manholes and other measures),  one can and should be optimistic and also hopeful.

The sheer numbers, however, are threatening and frightening.


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