Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

By Nay Akilah

Syrian towns of Nubbol and Baldat al Zahraa resist the inhuman terror of the Free Syrian Army.

The following report of Vesti.ru seems a little bit like the famous tale of the Gaulish village. At least for the region north of Aleppo, near the Turkish border.

Around 45,000 people are there almost cut off completely from the outside world, surrounded by a rebel-controlled area and they do not give up the resistance since a half year.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic, but there is an air bridge to Aleppo, which, however, is far from sufficient in order to supply all the people there with all the necessities.

The report can also testify of it, that large parts of the country, at least in northern Syria, are no longer controlled by the government for quite some time. A few other elements of the report sound a bit strange, but overall, it is important enough, at least, to gain attention for the beleaguered people in northern Syria.
Source: Vesti.ru (Source of translation below), report by Anastasia Popova

23 km north of Aleppo – once again, far from the Turkish border – are both the towns of Nubbol and Baldat al Zahraa and disturb by their sheer existence the hegemony of the oppositional “Free Army”, along the street to the north. The people here are for the government, which is a thorn in the eyes of their neighbours.

Syrian military is not here. The entire guard detail of 150 men is composed entirely of local residents. Defence trenches were dug around every of the 8 checkpoints.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber8 1 500x332 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru – Popova

The fighters of the civil defence show a school in the neighbouring village through binoculars, the green flag of the opposition is blowing above it. They say that Al Qaeda sits in the neighbouring town.

Abdel Azif Sharmo, commander of the civil defence:

It’s only a kilometre to go there. Whoever from us goes out into the field in order to harvest olives gets a bullet by a sniper. The streets are closed, foods are not allowed to pass, and instead we receive such gifts from Turkey and Qatar.



Abu Bassem:

My son just turned 28. He was working in the garden. So they shot him. Four children have lost their father.

There were often attempts to break the resistance. In total, 60 people were killed and 140 were abducted. After negotiations between mediator and elders it was possible to extricate a part of them by a payment of a ransom of 2 million lira, which is about $ 20,000.

Sheikh Muheddin:

We had good neighbourly relations. Everything changed when the rebels came – People from outside, not from around here. They proceeded to loot our homes, but we have chased them away and do not let them anymore into the city. Therefore, a complete blockade was imposed on us.

There are still 43 people hostage of the rebels. There were promises to release them and to open the road for at least a few days, but they were not kept. The eldest do not believe in the good intentions of the opposition anymore.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber6 1 332x500 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru Popova – Northern Syria

Anastasia Popova:

The city of Nubbol was considered the trading centre of this region. The blockade lasted for a half year now, the supplies are running low. In the shops there is neither food nor medicine, not even soap. The only support the humanitarian aid that is sent by the city administration of Aleppo.

However, the last attempt to send 100 tons of flour onto trucks into the cities has ended tragically: the drivers were murdered, the cargo stolen. The inhabitants were left with nothing.

During the loading of relief items:

In each bag are 6 pounds of food: salt, grains, beans, household goods, medicines and children’s toys.

The Syrian Arab army has currently neither the means nor the opportunity to establish a safe corridor to these two pro-government cities. All forces are concentrated in Aleppo.

In the airport the Syrian economic capital already live 105 people who are waiting to get on board of one of the Mi-8 helicopter in order to fly home into the blockaded cities.  The military helicopter, however, primarily transport relief goods, but when some space remains, then passengers are also on board.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber1 1 500x332 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru Popova

Each arrival of a Mi-8 helicopter is like a festival. The residents come with flags onto the roofs, applaud and join together on the sports field of the former school. Whole large families assail a helicopter: the first who reaches the helicopter through the crowd has chances to be brought to Aleppo. There is no other way to leave the city.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber3 1 500x332 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru – Popova

Nariman Mohammed, Kurdish student:

I am a student and I was with friends from Afrin on the way to here. There are currently exams at the University of Aleppo. The rebels stopped us on the street and they saw that we are Kurds because of our passports. They opened fire, two of my friends were killed, and I was injured.


For ten days, I had nothing to eat, neither I, nor my children! All that is left to me is this bag of cornmeal. With great difficulty I have found a dealer who has sold them to me, I have given my last money for it!

Per month, two or three people starve here. The government support is not sufficient enough for the entire city with its 45,000 inhabitants. Gas is long gone, whoever is able to get kerosene, is preparing food straight away for a number of families.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber5 1 500x332 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru – Anastasia Popova


We have nothing left: no rice, no sugar, and no flour. Look here: everything is empty!

As long as it is still warm, the inhabitants cultivate their soil, they plant vegetables and herbs. Olives are worth their weight in gold here, which already knows every child. Anything that falls on the ground is collected carefully. Residues of flour are crushed, mixed with water, and it gets baked on fire to flatbread. The bakeries are not working.


Every two days, we bake flatbread, there is nothing else. The children want to eat, but what can I give them? This child is four months old; it never has drunk milk in his life. The rebels are trying to starve us out, but we will not defect to their side!

There is no electricity; the fuel for the diesel generators is almost gone. The gas stations are closed. Nobody is working anymore – everything is standing still.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber4 1 500x332 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru – Anastasia Popova

Abdel Zhalid:

There is no petrol, no fuel oil. The cold is coming soon; we have nothing to heat ourselves. Cars cannot be driven anymore; we are all underway on foot.

At the edge of town, we meet one of those, who have persevered at the airport of Aleppo. Hamood slept on the floor in the terminal, fed on cakes and water. After three weeks, he finally has managed to get home.

popova vesti.ru rosinenbomber2 1 500x332 Raisin Bombers for Northern Syria

Vesti.ru – Anastasia Popova

Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti from the Syrian-Turkish border area.

Source of Translation: apxwn.blogspot.de

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