Foreign Ministry: Terrorist Acts Supported by Some UNSC Members Uncover Truth of What is Happening in Syria and Those Responsible for Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – In identical letters directed to the Chairman of the UN Security Council, Chairman of the UN General Assembly and the UN Secretary General, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Tuesday said that since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, a number of permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council have been giving misleading images of the forces that helped put Syria on the path of violence, killing and destruction with the goal of promoting their own policies and destroy Syria as a country and as a people.

In the letters which focused on the recent terrorist bombings in Syria and the support of some western and regional countries to terrorists, the Ministry said that within the past few days, blind terrorism, Al Qaeda and other criminal militants struck in many areas in Syria, martyring and wounding hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women and children.

The Ministry said that the terrorist acts committed by armed terrorist groups which are supported by some permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, in addition to their open collusion, blatant funding and public arming of terrorists including providing them with Stinger missiles uncover the truth of what is happening in Syria and the sides responsible for terrorism.

“Countries like France, Turkey and specifically Qatar, in addition to Libya which has become an incubator hatching terrorists, issued stances that adopt the acts of terrorist organization and express commitment to facilitate their movement, which contradicts relevant Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism,” the letters said, adding that this is accompanied by mobilizing a misleading media machine to rally the global public opinion against Syria.

The Ministry pointed out that one in a series of terrorist bombings which took place in Syria recently was the terrorist bombing which took place in al-Mazzeh 86 area in Damascus on November 5th, 2012, which claimed the lives of tens and injured tens, in addition to blowing up a civilian bus in al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, which martyred five citizens including women and children and an attack on the same camp with Mortar rounds which also claimed lives.

The letters noted that some media outlets uncovered one of the many war crimes committed by the so-called opposition in the town of Selkin, as a video was published showing terrorists murdering a number of unarmed Syrian Arab Army soldiers and civilians, torturing them then shooting them without mercy.

The Ministry said that other Syrian cities witnessed dozens of incidents which were reported to the Security Council officially, but it didn’t receive an objective response from the Council, adding that terrorist gangs are now besieging citizens and starving them, driving them to the edge of disaster and depriving them from the humanitarian aid which the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent have been attempting to deliver to the towns of Harem and Selkin for over two months, adding that this didn’t cause any reaction from those who call themselves custodians of human rights and defenders of international law and humanitarian law.

The letters said that according to international law, countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Turkey, Britain, France and the United States who provide terrorist groups with funds and weapons are accessories in the crimes committed in Syria, and that countries that claim falsely to combat terrorism continue to protect these crimes and cancel the Security Council’s role in taking the simplest procedures to condemn them, noting that this was done by the United States, Germany and Britain recently.

The Ministry reiterated Syria’s demands that the Security Council play its role in condemning international terrorism and forcing certain countries to cease their arming, funding and harboring of terrorist groups, warning against the repercussions of continuing along this path  as it violates Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism, international humanitarian laws, human rights laws, and threatens security and peace in the region and the world.

The letters concluded by saying that instead of supporting and protecting terrorism, these countries should encourage Syrian opposition sides to engage in national dialogue to resolve the crisis through negotiations among Syrians and led by Syria.

H. Sabbagh

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