Monsanto – stop spraying Córdoba




In order to Stop the Spraying and to get Monsanto to leave Latin America

Thursday July 19, at 6 p.m.
From Cañada and Colón

Las Madres de Barrio (The Mothers of the neighborhood) Ituzaingó, Córdoba, [Argentina] have been fighting since 2001 against environmental pollution of their neighborhood, which is characterized by a large number of residents with serious illnesses, many of them already dead. One of the principal causes of this pollution is the spraying of pesticides done by businessmen who grow GM soya in the fields surrounding the neighborhood.[1]

Although municipal and provincial laws make it illegal, these men continued their practice of applying toxic products massively, even though they knew that neighborhood residents got sick from it.

Today the fight of the Mothers has managed to bring these greedy soya contractors to the bench of the accused. However, the interests at stake in this trial are enormous.

Nevertheless even today it was announced that Monsanto would install a plant on the outskirts of the city [2] with all the environmental and political risks that this entails, especially since Monsanto is the company with the greatest corruption power in the world.

This trial will be an example for the whole country and it can open new possibilities for the rights of the Argentine people. Currently more than 12 million Argentines are systematically sprayed by toxic agents needed for the production of the Toxic Agriculture system.

It is essential that this trial will lead to a verdict by the Court ruling that they must try to delay. We need a sentence that will give justice to the neighborhood families who have been deprived of their rights to health by the insatiable profit motive of producers of food based on poisons.

With neighborhood groups convened from inland towns, professionals and environmentalists, together with the Madres de Ituzaingo, we have been carrying out this unequal fight, but today we need the support of all who understand that in our society we need to defend the right to life, health and a clean environment to be able to stand up to the representatives of the kind of mining industry that has been installed in the country, which seeks to generate rapid and enormous economic differences based on the destruction of our common goods, such as our land, water, forests and mountains; through agribusiness, mega-mining and exploitation of unconventional oil (or shale gas), among others.

We need to come together, all of us who believe that people are not plants, they can not be sprayed with powerful toxic products because in the neighboring field soy is seen as a productive necessity, imposed by companies such as Monsanto, Bayer, Nidera, Novartis, etc.

We need to come all of us who believe that another kind of agriculture is possible, a kind that respects Mother Earth, that respects villages of peasants and indigenous people, and we have to defend the cause of food sovereignty.

Translation by Siv O’Neall


[1] The poison that ravaged the neighborhood of Ituzaingó
After ten years of complaints from neighborhood residents in Ituzaingó, Córdoba, surrounded by fields of soybeans, the spraying with pesticides near urban areas was legally banned. Out of five thousand inhabitants, 200 have cancer. Every family has a sick family member.

Original text in Spanish
El veneno que asoló el barrio de Ituzaingó
Tras diez años de denuncias de los habitantes del barrio Ituzaingó, de Córdoba, rodeado de campos de soja, la Justicia prohibió fumigar con agrotóxicos cerca de zonas urbanas. De cinco mil habitantes, 200 tienen cáncer. Todas las familias tienen un enfermo

[2] Yesterday the Governor De la Sota celebrated the installation of a Monsanto plant on the outskirts of the city with all the environmental and political risk that this entails, especially for being the company with the greatest corruption power in the world; who is coming here to take advantage of the weakened and venal State based on Neoliberalism in Argentina.

Original text in Spanish
Ayer el Gobernador De la Sota festejó que Monsanto instalaría una planta en las cercanías de la Ciudad con todo el peligro ambiental y político que esto acarrea, sobre todo por ser la empresa con mayor poder de corrupción en el mundo; que viene a aprovecharse del Estado debilitado y venal que construyó en Neoliberalismo en la Argentina.

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