The Houla Massacre: The Disinformation Campaign


In the wake of the Houla massacre and the flow of disinformation aimed at blaming the Syrian government for the atrocities, Global Research brings to the attention of its readers a selection of key articles, which demonstrate unequivocally that the massacre was commited by the US-NATO supported Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Prof. Chandra Muzaffar, SYRIA: The Houla Massacre and the Subversion of the Peace Plan

There is no credible, independent entity that can help reveal the entire truth about the Houla massacre. The United Nations Human Rights Council which has passed a resolution condemning the massacre hastily targeted the Syrian government as the culprit without waiting for reports from the UN-Arab League Observer Mission in Syria. This is one of the reasons why China, Cuba and Russia voted against the resolution. The Council has since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria 14 months ago adopted an antagonistic attitude towards  the government. In all its submissions to the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, it has ignored or downplayed the views of the Syrian government.  

According to Ronda Hauben in an article entitled The United Nations and the Houla Massacre: The Information Battlefield:

The narrative that is being spread by much of the mainstream western and Arab satellite media is a narrative that blames the Assad government for the Houla massacre. At first that media claimed that the people killed, including the women and children, had been killed by shelling from Syrian troops attacking the town.

In examining the videos and photos put online or provided by the opposition making these claims, however, it became evident that many of the victims, particularly the women and children, had been killed at close range by bullets and knives and not by the shelling of heavy weapons by the Syrian military.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky “Humanitarian War Criminals” in High Office: Was the Houla Massacre Ordered by the Western Military Alliance?:

Several authoritative reports, including a recent report of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, confirm unequivocally that “opposition” FSA terrorists were behind these atrocities. (Neue Erkenntnisse zu Getöteten von Hula: Abermals Massaker in Syrien – Politik – FAZ, June 8, 2012) […] The FAZ report largely corroborates the report by Russian journalist Marat Musin, which includes detailed testimonies […]

These two reports dispel the lies and fabrications of the Western media. Entire pro-government families in Houla were massacred. The terrorists were mercenaries and professional killers operating under the auspices of the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army (FSA). 

An earlier report published in Der Spiegel  (March 2012) suggests that the FSA is involved in a routine and organized process of mass-murder. The article focusses on extra-judicial killings in Homs conducted under the mandate of so-called “burial brigades”.


UN Mission to Syria Observers refuse to listen to citizens’ testimonies regarding armed terrorist groups
– 2012-06-13
The United Nations and the Houla Massacre: The Information Battlefield

– by Ronda Hauben – 2012-06-12
Sectarian Genocide in Syria: US-NATO and the GCC Preparing a Coup d’état

NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign
– by Thierry Meyssan – 2012-06-11
VIDEO: Western States Pounce on Massacre Mayhem in Syria

Latest report now on GRTV
– by Pepe Escobar – 2012-06-11

Fighting intensifies in Syria as US pushes for expanded intervention
– by Patrick Martin – 2012-06-11
Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres

– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-06-11

Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre

Armed rebels murdered “entire Alawi families” in village of Taldo in Houla

– by John Rosenthal – 2012-06-10

– 2012-06-10
PROPAGANDA ALERT: Syria Allegedly Threatens NATO Heavyweight Turkey

– by Cem Ertür – 2012-06-09
More Syrian Blood on Obama’s Hands

– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-06-08
French Bishop: Syrian Soldiers Face Foreign Fighters, Mercenaries, and Terrorists

– by Tony Cartalucci – 2012-06-07

Syria: The International Red Cross supplies the terrorists: Report

– 2012-06-06
SYRIA: The Houla Massacre and the Subversion of the Peace Plan

– by Prof. Chandra Muzaffar – 2012-06-07
VATICAN NEWS: Foreign Fighters, Mercenaries, Terrorists, behind Syria Massacre

“The desolation of Homs and the war of information “: the Words of a Greek-Catholic Bishop
– by Vatican News (Agenzia Fides) – 2012-06-04
SYRIA, Atrocities were not committed by the government but by armed gangs

Vatican News Service refutes Western media reports
– by Vatican News Service (Agenzia Fides) – 2012-06-03
Syria Regime Change On Bilderberg Agenda

Pro-NATO intervention SNC head in attendance at elite confab
– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2012-06-02
US steps up pressure for intervention in Syria

– by Patrick Martin – 2012-06-01
WAR WITHOUT THE UN GREEN LIGHT: U.S. Ready To Attack Syria Outside UN?

– 2012-06-01

Syria Houla Massacre: Government Investigation Blames Anti-Regime Forces For Killings

– 2012-05-31

VIDEO: Pointblank Massacre: Massive Fallout from Houla Killings

Watch GRTV to find out more
– by Alistair Crooke – 2012-06-04

– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-06-03

SYRIA: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria

– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-05-30
US military doctrine envisages the central role of “massive casualty producing events” in which innocent civilians are killed. The killings are carried out as part of a covert operation. The enemy is blamed for the resulting atrocities.
What Drives the Fevered Response to the Massacre at Houla?

– by Ralph Schoenman – 2012-05-29
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2012-05-28


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