U.S. NATO Troops Open Fire On Serbs In Northern Kosovo

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Voice of Russia
June 1, 2012

KFOR opens fire on Serbs in Northern Kosovo
John Robles

There are reports in the Serbian press and other press that US KFOR troops have opened fire on unarmed Serbs in Northern Kosovo and there are wounded.

The reports are as follows and are being sent to me by my Serbian sources, apparently US KFOR attempted to remove a barricade on a bridge and opened fire on Serb protestors. According to reports by the local Serbian KIM Radio inured civilians are being taken to Kosovska Mitrovica Hospital

According to Reuters at least five Kosovo Serbs and one NATO soldier were wounded in the armed clashes which occurred after NATO (KFOR) forces tried to remove road barricades.

NATO forces fired tear gas and opened fire on Serbian protesters, however, it is not clear if these were just warning shots. There are hundreds of Serbs gathered…

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