Officer, 6 Law-enforcement Members Martyred in Daraa, Armed Terrorist Group Attacks Oil Pipeline in Deir Ezzor


PROVINCES, (SANA) – Major Abdullah Saleh and 6 law-enforcement members were martyred and others injured in an explosive device blast in Daraa.

An armed terrorist group planted the explosive device on the road between Samma village in Sweida and al-Mleiha village in Daraa, a source in the governorate Police Command told SANA reporter.

The armed terrorist group detonated the explosive device as a car carrying food owned by law-enforcement forces passed on the road, said SANA reporter.

Armed Terrorist Group Targets Law-enforcement Members at al-Layramoun Roundabout in Aleppo


An armed terrorist group targeted a number of law-enforcement members at al-Layramoun Roundabout in Aleppo, causing the martyrdom of one member and injuring 9 others.

SANA correspondent quoted an official source in the governorate as saying that the competent authorities clashed with the armed group and killed 3 terrorists, and the terrorists’ car exploded during the clash.

The source added that 3 citizens were injured when an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist groups went off near the city center in Aleppo.

The source said that the blast caused the injury of a shop owner and two citizens, in addition to inflicting material damage to the shop and two cars were in the site of the blast.

Armed Terrorist Group Attacks Oil Pipeline in Deir Ezzor

An armed terrorist group detonated an oil branch line with an explosive device causing a small fire in Deir Ezzor Province. The branch line belongs to the Euphrates Oil Company.

A source at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources told SANA reporter that the branch line transfers crude oil from al-Ghawari station, 40 kms northern al-Omar field, to al-Omar station. The branch line is 8 inches.

The source added that al-Ghawari station produces 2500 barrels per day and that work at the station has been suspended for maintenance.

In Homs province, an armed terrorist group shot an RPG at a tank truck loaded with gas oil causing it to burn completely.

R. Raslan/ F. Allafi/ M. Ismael


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